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FŽanorians' Fates Drabble Series  by Alassante

Thanks soooo much to SilverMoonLady for the quick beta and to DawnFelegund for providing some interesting insight into the twins.

The time had come at last to show that the might, the fire of FŽanor, burned as hot in his youngest sons as it once did in him. No longer in the shadows of their older brothers, Amrod yearned for glory for him and Amras. This was their chance to shine, to reclaim a Silmaril in the FŽanoriansí name. No one would stand between them and victorious glory.

Amrod wildly cut through the warriors protecting Elwing. She kept his brothers from regaining the Silmaril. He needed to rescue the gem; he could hear her music above the sounds of the battle raging around him. He was blind to all else but his dream of holding her at last.

His father had never allowed the Ambarussa to hold the jewel, for it was too precious to him. But Amrod would do what FŽanor could not; bring the Silmarils back to their rightful owners.

Viciously attacking all who stood before him, Amrod felt pain raging in his shoulder. Turning to deflect another blow, he could not stop the warrior who buried his sword to the hilt in his side.

Amrod fell to the ground, blood pouring from his wounds and screamed, ďAmbarussa!Ē

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