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FŽanorians' Fates Drabble Series  by Alassante

Thanks to my betas GofI gang, Dawn Felagund, Vladazhael

"Have I not suffered enough in your honor?" Maedhros pleaded to the entrancing jewel scorching his hand.

"I have sacrificed everything for you. My father created you, how can you betray me this way? Do I pale in comparison to him, a weak, broken elf compared to your master, the mighty FŽanor? Perhaps you are my judge and find me lacking. I cannot withstand your assault on me, why must you torture me so? You have become one with the evil that once wore you in an iron crown; my torturer, my enemy. Morgoth has taken everything from me and you scorn me because I am not FŽanor, the one who stood up to him, turned away from the Valar, and swore an oath to reclaim you. He died for you." Hot tears ran down Maedhros' face as he heard Maglor calling to him in agony.

"You have taken all from me, leaving me an empty shell. You will not escape me, my preciously wicked paramour. I will take you with me in my madness, my fatal end."

Yelling in rage and anguish, Maedhros jumped to his final doom. "If you will not embrace me, you will have no other."

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