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Fëanorians' Fates Drabble Series  by Alassante

Thanks to Rhapsody for your invaluable help. SpaceWeavil you are the Queen of Elvish! And, as always, thanks to Ellisk, my beta and cheerleader.

This is a double drabble (200 words).


Suddenly, Nerdanel awoke, and a terrible agony exploded in her fëa. Tears coursed down her cheeks unchecked as awareness dawned on her. Feeling Tyelkormo’s powerful spirit leaving his ruined hröa astounded her in anguish. Fair as the stars, yet fierce tempered, Celegorm was gone, cursed and never to return from Námo. 

Then, another sharp pain flooded her senses and she knew that her dark one had departed as well. In her mind, the crimson currents, his final resting place surfaced. ‘Caranthir, my dear son, I will never hear your deep laughter again.’

Then, the final blow tore her fëa asunder: her mournful cries filled the air when she felt Atarinkë slip away. So like Fëanor, Curufin was full of unquenchable fire, yet, he squandered his staggering skill to fight a war not of his making.

‘Oh Fëanor, how could you bring such splendor to life and to ruin? Could you not see that your most remarkable creations were the ones we created together? Seven unique, flawed, yet luminescent beings, once pure before the merciless whores of your handiwork robbed them of their senses, driven mad by your cursed oath. Left behind, I mourn three eternal flames that have been extinguished.’

Niëramilo - Quenya Tears of the mother
Atarinkë - little father
Tyelkormo - hasty riser

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