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FŽanorians' Fates Drabble Series  by Alassante

Once again - thanks to SilverMoonLady for the beta.

Amras stumbled over blood drenched bodies, intent on finding his twin. Recognizing the telltale red hair, an anguished cry rang from his lips and he sank to his knees beside Amrod's broken body. Gingerly, Amras turned him over, cradling his head in his lap; relief filled his heart when he realized Amrod drew breath, however faintly.

"Ambarussa," Amrod's voice was faint. Amras felt he was fading fast.†

"I waited for youÖI knew you still lived. It is too late for me. You must claim the Silmaril," Amrod whispered painfully. "For the Ambarussa, youngest sons of FŽanor."†

Tears blurring his vision, Amras pleaded, "Please do not leave me. I need you here with me." He realized he was too late; Amrod died in his arms.†

Amras felt as if his soul had been ripped apart and the emptiness was unbearable. "Eru," he cried, "I cannot live torn asunder. Let me face my final doom by his side."†

In his all-consuming grief, he did not see the warrior approaching him, his gore-encrusted blade raised high to deliver a devastating blow. Turning at the last moment, his defeated eyes watched as the sword fell.†

"Thank you," Amras whispered with his final breath.

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