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The Ashes of Twilight  by Tinuviel ylf maegden
A tale on the thoughts of Tinuviel, the quiet,thoughtful whisps of her soul and pain as she prepares to die,with a suprising twist at the end. For those who are deep and Elvish at heart, and not afraid of the grotesque and the arabesque. Sort of weird, as I'm a pathetic dreamer, but at leat you can take solace knowing that your life is probobly much more fulfilled than mine.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: As Far back As Forever3
Chapter  1: The Fire of Creation4
Chapter  2: Departed Souls3
Chapter  3: Parallel Universe: Spirits Lost Within1
Chapter  4: By the Waters of Babylon2
Chapter  5: The Last Fades from Life1
Chapter  6: Haunted Halls Within these Walls2
Chapter Epilogue 2: This Much, Let Me Avow2
Chapter Author's Notes: Mi vida loco-Random Contemplations3

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