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The Ashes of Twilight  by Tinuviel ylf maegden

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters; they are all the property of Master J.R.R. Tolkien. I lead a shallow life and thus amuse myself by paying tribute to the great professor by writing stories with his characters, which are so round (not in reference to hobbit-girth) and complex that I, in my scattered psyche, could never have created such an extraordinary work of art. Anyone who claims they can is dreaming. Here is a warning to all who do think about plagarising the Master of Fantasy: Do not do it. Do not even think about doing it. Touch these stories in any way, shape, or form and the Vala will weep for you. Stick to writing Fan fiction to experience the books; the adult version of dressing up as Bilbo Baggins and singing, "Attercrop! Attercrop! Old Tom naughty!" Whilst prancing about your back yard (which, I am sure, we are all guilty of doing in some form at one time or another...)


How will the funerol right be read? Here, I write it in my own hand. If not I, then who? It is my own. Tomorrow I die, and that is the end!
Where I begin does not matter, for it spans back as far as forever. The end, as well,matters not, for it is not yet come, and I cannot see it.
what happened in between matters, in this tale, for when I fly from this world to sleep in the blackness of Elbereth's wombe,  I will forget, for a time, all that has been or will be as I am cradled in her darkness. In the beginning, it is always dark.
Lo! that is how I shall begin my tale! In the beginning, on that summer night so long ago, in the dark...



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