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Watch the Clouds Go Sailing By  by Pervinca
As a Took, it would be impossible for Faramir, only son of Peregrin I to do anything normally. And that includes declaring his love to Goldilocks Gamgee. *Completed*
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: A Night at The Ivy Bush1
Chapter  2: Childhood Friends1
Chapter  3: Just Like Old Times0
Chapter  4: Faramir's Plan0
Chapter  5: A Frightening Discovery1
Chapter  6: Three is Always Company0
Chapter  7: Faramir and Pippin's Fight1
Chapter  8: An Evening with the Maggots0
Chapter  9: Crickhollow0
Chapter 10: Old Man Willow0
Chapter 11: Journey Through the Barrow Downs0
Chapter 12: Barliman Butterbur0
Chapter 13: Buckland to Bree2
Chapter 14: Reunion at The Prancing Pony1
Chapter 15: Lost Tempers and Fireside Talks1
Chapter 16: An Important Message1
Chapter 17: Enough is Enough0
Chapter 18: Knight of Gondor3
Chapter 19: More Announcements1
Chapter 20: Wedding Plans and Matchmaking1
Chapter 21: Vows Under the Mallorn4

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