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Watch the Clouds Go Sailing By  by Pervinca 18 Review(s)
EstellaBReviewed Chapter: 2 on 7/24/2006
"In fact, both the Gamgee girls had taken young Éowyn under their wing, teaching her how to capture the attention of potential suitors."

Hmm, I can see Merry being completely happy with that...or not...

EstellaBReviewed Chapter: 7 on 5/7/2006
Even in death, Farmer Maggot protected his crops.

*More giggling*

Frodo would be scared stiff, if my memory serves me rightly.

EstellaBReviewed Chapter: 5 on 5/7/2006
"Well, last I saw, Peregrin was getting re-acquainted with an old friend he calls ‘Ale’"


powerwriterReviewed Chapter: 21 on 4/19/2004
Aww...arn't you a little matchmaker with all these hobbit couples! It's good to see Faramir anf Goldi finally married, it's taken long enough ;) I liked how Legolas and Gimli were at the wedding, that was a clever idea. Sorry to see this story end, but it was great anyways!

Author Reply: I know...I'm terrible. Always setting up as many characters as I can. You've read "Just to be With You", so you know how bad I can be! This one was probably even worse, lol!

It's kind of weird to have finished it. I mean, it's been a part of my life for so long - jotting down plot ideas for later chapters, trying to work out how to pair the two of them up...I don't know what to so with my time now, :P. Maybe I could study or something...

Grey WondererReviewed Chapter: 21 on 4/14/2004
I loved this, especially the wedding ceremony. I meant to stop and review more often, but when I started reading tonight, I had so much to catch up on that I read it all in one try! LOLIt was well worth the two years that you spent on it as far as I'm concerned. I enjoyed every line. You have a lovely way with hobbits and I always enjoy your Sam and your Estella especially.

Author Reply: You read the entire thing in one go!? (Well, I suppose I read all 31 chapters of "Peregrin and Diamond" by Pearl Took in one sitting :P). I'm glad it didn't put you to sleep, lol. Thank you for letting me know I pulled Sam off - of all the hobbits, he's probably the one I work the most on. His manner is a little different or something...I'm sure you've noticed that too, because I think you write Sam very well! And as for Estella - well, Tolkien gave us so many character names to build upon. It would be a shame to waste them.

Thanks again! :D

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 21 on 4/13/2004
I've been waiting and waiting for this to go from "in progress" to complete so I could read it. Lovely story, made me smile the whole time. Your Faramir is a hopeless romantic; I enjoyed the many little touches--especially having Strider makes an appearance and Legolas and Gimli at the wedding. ( Sometimes I get a little upset with JRRT for his ban on Big People in the Shire; makes it hard on those of us who like to see friends together.) 8-)

Author Reply: I understand who frustrating it can be waiting for an in-progress story to be updated - which is probably one reason that I enjoy your stories. You update quickly :) Not like me, lol. I'm really glad you enjoyed the story, and I'm sorry if I made you wait for too long (just pity the people who started reading this when I began it two years ago! Of course, I doubt any of them are still reading it :P). It was sad that I could not have Aragorn attend the wedding too. I had thought of holding the wedding just outside Buckland, but that was before I remembered that I had set the story three years before they actually married, and it would not work. I hope Legolas and Gimli made up for it though.

Thanks so much for your review! It's great to know you enjoy my stories, because I certainly enjoy yours :D

HaiReviewed Chapter: 21 on 4/13/2004
That was great! I loved how you set up all the differnet couples! There may be mroe weddings in the offind, yes? I was gald that Lily found someone as well. It was perfect the way it ended with Faramir and Goldi going back up to Bag End to, I presume, sneak off again. Thank you it was lots of fun!

Author Reply: No, thank you :P I have this terrible habbit of playing cupid when I write, and I don't think it's possible for me to write a story in which only one couple emerge. I don't know if I'll ever write about those other weddings, but you'd be right in assuming that all the couples featured in the story do eventually wed :P (at least in my bizaare little world they do). Once again, thanks very much for your lovely reviews and feedback. I appreciate it :)

HaiReviewed Chapter: 20 on 4/12/2004
This is such a neat story! I like that Pippin got angry at Faramir and then decided it wouldn't be so bad! It's a good thing that not all the Gamgee's initially thought the way Sam and Pippin did or Faramir would have been in a lot more trouble! Poor Legolas I don't see how he is going to manage dancing with a hobbid maid! I bet Goldi's dress would be wonderful! Looking forward to reading more!

Author Reply: Thanks so much for your review :) I'm really glad you're enjoying this story - it's my baby. I've just finished it, and I'm about to post the final chapter. Hopefully you'll enjoy the conclusion too.

I think Pippin would have liked the idea of Faramir and Goldi being together, deep down at least. He was just being an over-protective older brother. I did think of having Merry react in a similar way, but that would be too hard on poor Faramir!

powerwriterReviewed Chapter: 19 on 4/7/2004
Yay, a homecoming finally! I’m not sure what could happen next, but can’t wait to see!

Author Reply: I should finish this one by this weekend (family are going away for Easter, and I'll have nothing to do except write!), so you hopefully won't have too long to wait. Still haven't completely decided what to do, but I'll hope you'll like it anyway! :)

powerwriterReviewed Chapter: 18 on 3/22/2004
Whoa, everything just sort of happened at once. Anyways, this is such an enjoyable story. I'm wondering how much more there will...

Author Reply: I'm starting to wonder that too! Lol. Hopefully I won't come up with *too* many more chapters. But I do still have to work out how they're going to break the news to the rest of the families!

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