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Avon's Drabbles  by Avon
An assortment of drabbles (100 word fics) with the occasional double drabble thrown in. Chapters 37 to 39 newly added 16/4/08osmrtnice smrtovnice osmrtnicama ljubuški umrli ljubuški osmrtnice grude smrtovnice bihac umrli smrtovnice sarajevo
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: I Will Take The Ring, Though I Do Not Know the Way.4
Chapter  2: In the Mines of Moria5
Chapter  3: 'Smeagol, who is now called Gollum, has escaped.' 2
Chapter  4: Fire and Ice3
Chapter  5: Stars for Elendil3
Chapter  6: The Joining3
Chapter  7: Into the Old Forest2
Chapter  8: Tidings of Death2
Chapter  9: The Mortal Road1
Chapter 10: I Hear the Stones Lament0
Chapter 11: The Prince of Golden Flowers8
Chapter 12: ’Peering in the water as the dark eve fell, I caught him, Gollum.’5
Chapter 13: The Task of my Kindred.2
Chapter 14: Responsibility4
Chapter 15: Children of Aulë3
Chapter 16: Mithril and Oak1
Chapter 17: All that is Lost1
Chapter 18: A Question of Greed1
Chapter 19: A Schoolboy Snail1
Chapter 20: A Ride of Hope0
Chapter 21: Rivalry2
Chapter 22: The End of All0
Chapter 23: Not by the Hand of Man0
Chapter 24: A Dragon's Gold0
Chapter 25: Of Mercy0
Chapter 26: Doom0
Chapter 27: Death of a City1
Chapter 28: Loving a Book Lover5
Chapter 29: The Chieftain of the Dúnedain 3
Chapter 30: Born Again2
Chapter 31: A Golden Queen1
Chapter 32: A Final Choice0
Chapter 33: Of Brothers Long Missed1
Chapter 34: A Sunlit River0
Chapter 35: Of Stone0
Chapter 36: A Differerent Type of Beauty0
Chapter 37: Of Dreams...5
Chapter 38: To Know the Other5
Chapter 39: For a Brother3

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