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Avon's Drabbles  by Avon

Loving a Book Lover

“Faramir, it is a beautiful day!”

“Ummm…,” said Faramir as he turned another page.

“Too lovely a day to stay inside reading,” Éowyn said emphatically, coming to kneel beside the couch.

Faramir continued reading, shutting out Éowyn as he had learnt to shut out Boromir’s attempts to disturb his reading.

With a hiss of disgust, Éowyn sat back on her heels.

“We could go for a ride – Meleth is simply eating her head off.”

“Later,” offered Faramir as he turned another page.  Soon she would go away and-

Faramir closed his book.  Boromir had never tried that to distract him.


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