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Trotter  by Dreamflower
After his retirement to Rivendell, Bilbo finds proof he that is not the first hobbit to dwell there. The last three chapters: "The Last Homely House", "Interlude: A Life Well-Lived" and the "Epilogue: Full Circle" have been posted. NOW COMPLETE!
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Prologue: An Unexpected Discovery12
Chapter  1: Unlucky at Love12
Chapter  2: Beyond the Bounds12
Chapter  3: Terror in the Night12
Chapter  4: Among the Brigands10
Chapter  5: Interlude: Dark Memories8
Chapter  6: Rescued12
Chapter  7: I Make Myself Useful11
Chapter  8: The Men of the West10
Chapter  9: I Finally Get to Bree9
Chapter 10: A Meeting in the Wild7
Chapter 11: Interlude: Teatime with the Twins8
Chapter 12: Language Lessons9
Chapter 13: A Timely Arrival8
Chapter 14: A Very Long Night 7
Chapter 15: Interlude: The Dúnadan7
Chapter 16: My New Home7
Chapter 17: I Become a Ranger7
Chapter 18: As Time Goes By 8
Chapter 19: The Grey Wanderer9
Chapter 20: Interlude: The Wizard's Point of View8
Chapter 21: Rangering7
Chapter 22: Thorn Returns7
Chapter 23: Disaster8
Chapter 24: Bad News8
Chapter 25: Hard Truths7
Chapter 26: Interlude: Choices and Consequences6
Chapter 27: Finding My Feet Again6
Chapter 28: My Return to Two Rivers7
Chapter 29: The Fell Winter7
Chapter 30: The End of an Era8
Chapter 31: The Last Homely House 7
Chapter 32: Interlude: A Life Well-Lived7
Chapter Epilogue: Epilogue: Full Circle 13

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