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Kindred  by GamgeeFest
Now Complete.

After the passing of Lalia the Great, Thain Ferumbras, now The Took, finds himself in the middle of another scandal involving the Whitwell Tooks. With the Great Smials embroiled in rumors and intrigue, Ferumbras seeks the one who can put an end to the scandal once and for all - a relation of whom no one has heard or seen in 38 years.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Prologue1
Chapter  1: The Darling of Tookland2
Chapter  2: Here We Go a Traveling3
Chapter  3: Many Meetings3
Chapter  4: The Shepherd of Nohill3
Chapter  5: Tea and Conversation1
Chapter  6: Admonitions3
Chapter  7: 1 Lithe3
Chapter  8: Mid-year's Day3
Chapter  9: Decisions and Dilemmas2
Chapter 10: Overlithe3
Chapter 11: 2 Lithe2
Chapter 12: Fair's End3
Chapter 13: Home Again1
Chapter 14: Tuckborough4
Chapter 15: A Conspiracy Unmasked3
Chapter 16: Nohill3
Chapter 17: Truths Revealed3
Chapter 18: Torn3
Chapter 19: Curse of the Tooks3
Chapter 20: Amends2

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