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Kindred  by GamgeeFest 3 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 19 on 12/16/2011
Oh, dear--even worse than I'd thought! How sheerly vicious she is! And such language and accusations! Lalia, no wonder you became so disliked!

Author Reply: Lalia has been sitting on this frustration for a long time - and it's not all about Ami. She certainly got caught up in the moment and said things she otherwise would not have said. She'll never live this moment down.

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 19 on 11/16/2011
Oh dear!

Just like Dreamflower it was my fear, too, that Lalia might interrupt the wedding ceremony! I'm glad this didn't happen.

But how can she banish Ami? At this moment of time, Peanut is the Thain - not Lalia! So, he just has to say "no", doesn't he?

I was reading this chapter over several days with several interruptions and just saw that a new chapter is up. Maybe, it will answer my question ;-)

Author Reply: In his Letters, Tolkien explained that the mistress of the house held the same authority as her husband, though she often did not exercise it unless he passed away. Lalia has no such qualms in this instance. She feels she's given her husband more than enough time to do something about Ami's behavior, and he's done nothing - except lie to Lalia. True, Fortinbras could still supersede her, but not without debate.

I tried my best to wrap up all the loose ends for you. :)

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 19 on 11/14/2011
Oh dear! Lalia's worked herself up into a find state! And using the sorts of words a respectable hobbit matron shouldn't even know, much less speak!

At least the wedding took place before she got there-- I was afraid she'd interrupt the ceremony, which would be worse. And I love the way Perry intercepted her.

So she's banished Ami? I am quite sure that Ami will be glad to be shed of her! But I have a feeling there's more...

Author Reply: Lalia was in quite a rage, wasn't she? Shouldn't know - I don't know about that one. As with all such words, everyone knows them but few admit to it. She certainly shouldn't be using them though, that's for certain!

I wouldn't put it past Lalia to have waited for the ceremony to end before bursting in - but on this one I think she was simply late. Either those gossipers didn't get to her in time, or she was otherwise delayed in getting there. After all, she could hardly leave elevenses with her cousin just to see what the Whitwells wanted with her husband.

Ah, Perry - he might not have known who Lalia was, but he did address her correctly (inadvertently of course!) ;)

She did give Ami the option, but of course we know already how Ami chose.

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