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Moments in Time  by Larner
A place for some of my short stories, mostly Frodo-centric.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Thinning16
Chapter  2: Stricken from the Book10
Chapter  3: Gifts and the Benefits of Scholarship20
Chapter  4: A Message and a Bottle24
Chapter  5: Parting Gifts11
Chapter  6: Longing15
Chapter  7: Iridescence24
Chapter  8: In Memorium16
Chapter  9: Ernil i Pheriannath12
Chapter 10: The King's Prayer13
Chapter 11: Rowan Mine18
Chapter 12: Decorum14
Chapter 13: Of Courtship Rituals and Wizards14
Chapter 14: Requesting Mercy21
Chapter 15: Unbelief20
Chapter 16: Whining14
Chapter 17: A Lúthien Within the Shire 15
Chapter 18: Light Thought Lost14
Chapter 19: First Lessons in the Wild22
Chapter 20: Fledged11
Chapter 21: Tall Men with Stars on their Cloaks13
Chapter 22: Evil Will Thwarted13
Chapter 23: Gifts Go Round15
Chapter 24: The Bearing of Burdens14
Chapter 25: Conspirators' Yule13
Chapter 26: O Merry Mine16
Chapter 27: Merry's Wedding16
Chapter 28: Mirror, Mirror16
Chapter 29: Awakenings12
Chapter 30: She Watches19
Chapter 31: Raiding11
Chapter 32: Vocabulary Lessons18
Chapter 33: Don't Linger, Sweet Brother13
Chapter 34: Once11
Chapter 35: Jewels of Light18
Chapter 36: The Light of Your Smile10
Chapter 37: Contrast12
Chapter 38: Reassurance11
Chapter 39: Regrets9
Chapter 40: Rejoicing with the Dawn10
Chapter 41: Enemy Vanquished15
Chapter 42: A Summer Night's Peace14
Chapter 43: Concerning Walls12
Chapter 44: Of Coins and Kittens9
Chapter 45: Lack of Discretion10
Chapter 46: The Ritual Disturbed11
Chapter 47: The Perfect Gift15
Chapter 48: In Defiance of the Dark12
Chapter 49: Judgment and Healing10
Chapter 50: A Storm of Glory13
Chapter 51: New Quarters12
Chapter 52: Home Is where the Heart Is11
Chapter 53: The Lost Restored17
Chapter 54: By Ship or Grave7
Chapter 55: The Birthday Blessing12
Chapter 56: His Daily Bread6
Chapter 57: The Extraordinary Son11
Chapter 58: A New Life8
Chapter 59: New-Fangled Ideas5
Chapter 60: The Departure Observed5
Chapter 61: In the Company of Heroes9
Chapter 62: Meditations while Watching Fish8
Chapter 63: Rebellion7
Chapter 64: The Gaffer's Farewell10
Chapter 65: Promises Made9
Chapter 66: A Day to Celebrate14
Chapter 67: Echoes11
Chapter 68: To Honor the Princes9
Chapter 69: The Shire's Soul11
Chapter 70: Loss of the Light12
Chapter 71: Failure of Duty11
Chapter 72: Born to the New Age12
Chapter 73: Vengeance is Reggie's8
Chapter 74: Comfort Unexpected7
Chapter 75: The Home of his Heart7
Chapter 76: Full Circle10
Chapter 77: Love's First Kiss11
Chapter 78: Journey Divided5
Chapter 79: The Transition11
Chapter 80: All Topsy-turvy5
Chapter 81: Honor Avenged10
Chapter 82: Hearts Healed11
Chapter 83: Leaving the Flock7
Chapter 84: Worthwhile10
Chapter 85: Change in Guard8
Chapter 86: Just Desserts9
Chapter 87: Last Comfort5
Chapter 88: Probing6
Chapter 89: Choice of Heirs7
Chapter 90: Comfort Given6
Chapter 91: Time Wasted?7
Chapter 92: Visitation7
Chapter 93: Questions of a Young Hobbit13
Chapter 94: Shared Grief for a Fallen Brother7
Chapter 95: The Gaffer's Watchdog8
Chapter 96: “History Becomes Legend, and Legend Fades into Myth...”6
Chapter 97: Greed6
Chapter 98: A Yule Communion11
Chapter 99: Marred Gifts8
Chapter 100: Shall I Sing?8
Chapter Author's Notes: Author's Notes4

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