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The Grey at the End of the World  by jodancingtree
The ending of the Shire, and Canohando's last battle. Rated for violence, disturbing scenes, rape. It's a sad story, but hope shines brightest when the night is black. New: parting in joy, meeting in sorrow... but the end, after all is said and done, is a new beginning.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: The Throwback3
Chapter  2: Taming Logi4
Chapter  3: Where There's Smoke...2
Chapter  4: Temptation2
Chapter  5: My Enemy, My Love4
Chapter  6: The Bride Price5
Chapter  7: A Black Wind in the Morning3
Chapter  8: Mid-Summer's Eve4
Chapter  9: The First Wave3
Chapter 10: The Inundation4
Chapter 11: Retreat3
Chapter 12: The Shire Takes Cover3
Chapter 13: The Heart Refuses4
Chapter 14: The Little Hero5
Chapter 15: Freiga3
Chapter 16: Malawen's Ride2
Chapter 17: Captured5
Chapter 18: Retribution4
Chapter 19: Realities3
Chapter 20: When Heroes Fall6
Chapter 21: The False and the True3
Chapter 22: Hope's Return5
Chapter 23: What Can't Be Cured4
Chapter 24: A Little Tenderness4
Chapter 25: Escape2
Chapter 26: The Road Not Taken4
Chapter 27: The Running Tide6
Chapter 28: Epilogue8

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