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Fields of Gold  by Anso the Hobbit
Final chapter up! When an innocent childhood illness proves to be quite contrary, promises are given and eventually kept.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: PART ONE: Tea and a nap12
Chapter  2: PART TWO: Promises given6
Chapter  3: PART THREE: It begins10
Chapter  4: PART FOUR: Watching and waiting9
Chapter  5: PART FIVE: Tonic and tea9
Chapter  6: PART SIX: Letters and games5
Chapter  7: PART SEVEN: Bath time7
Chapter  8: PART EIGHT: Dreaming6
Chapter  9: PART NINE: Visitors8
Chapter 10: PART TEN: Getting worse8
Chapter 11: PART ELEVEN: Awakening9
Chapter 12: PART TWELVE: Promises kept8

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