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A New Kind of Courage  by Auntiemeesh
What happens to Merry from the time Pippin leaves Minas Tirith with the host going to Mordor, through their reunion with Frodo and Sam on the field of Cormallen.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: The Mustering8
Chapter  2: Truths4
Chapter  3: The Summons5
Chapter  4: Nightmares5
Chapter  5: A Friend in Need8
Chapter  6: Overwrought6
Chapter  7: The Meaning of Dreams5
Chapter  8: Echoes of the Past9
Chapter  9: Seeing is believing8
Chapter 10: Promises4
Chapter 11: Interlude3
Chapter 12: Putting the Pieces Together3
Chapter 13: Near Drownings13
Chapter 14: Relapse7
Chapter 15: One Step at a Time8
Chapter 16: Fishing9
Chapter 17: The Giving of Swords8
Chapter 18: The Morning After5
Chapter 19: Turn and Turn About8
Chapter 20: Recovery6
Chapter 21: The Feast5
Chapter 22: Victory13

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