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A New Kind of Courage  by Auntiemeesh 150 Review(s)
Celeste Lucretia BlackReviewed Chapter: 15 on 5/20/2021
Burn lol

Celeste Lucretia BlackReviewed Chapter: 7 on 5/20/2021
Oh, Pippin

sophinisbaReviewed Chapter: 8 on 1/10/2008
I love seeing Aragorn's concern for the hobbits and how he takes his responsibilities in helping them so seriously.

SophinisbaReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/7/2008
Oooh, I love this! I really liked the bit about what Merry and Faramir have in common. And again I love this whole feeling of unease Merry has, being surrounded by big people, feeling like he doesn't have enough to do.

SophinisbaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/6/2008
I just started reading this from Periantari's rec and I really like it so far. I liked that this first chapter was so quiet with nothing too dramatic but you can still feel Merry's deep sadness.

Here's a link to Periantari's rec, in case you'd like to read:

Author Reply: It's such a nice surprise to receive a comment on something this old. I'm glad you're enjoying this so far.

Thanks for providing the link, too. I hadn't seen Peri An's rec. :)

PeriantariReviewed Chapter: 22 on 9/15/2007
I love this fic so darn much. One of my favorites of all time. Gosh i love Merry at this time period and so much h/c and angst... ahh~! ♥ Merry & hobbits and h/c and Aragorn and love ♥ =) rereading = love :D

Author Reply: Okay, now I'm just laughing at you. In a good way, of course. You are a dear, dear person for loving this story so much, and it made my inbox happy to see a review for anything, since I haven't written a thing in forever. *hearts you*

PeriantariReviewed Chapter: 22 on 1/9/2006
"And to Merry, for his bravery in facing the horror of the Black Captain, and most especially for having the courage to do what he must, even when it meant allowing the rest of us to go into danger without him."

That's just the gist of the story. And said so very well here. I love Frodo's toast and all the hobbit's toast and... ::sigh:: this story is just so love.
(sorry i'm still flooding your email with reviews. :P) hehe =)

"You canít lay that burden on yourself and apparently, neither can I, anymore. We all made the choice to be here and no one can change that now, simply by wishing things were different. What we can do, what weíve been doing, is help each other face the consequences of the choices weíve made."

So true. SO true. The dialogue between Frodo and Merry made me think of how similar they are with each other in attitude at times. Both are protective and plan and are practically-inclined and just... yeah i can see similarities between them.

THanks so much for this story (again) ...i enjoy rereading parts of it at times when i don't want to go to bed. ;) :P

Author Reply: Never apologize for reviewing. Thank you for caring so much about this story. :)

PeriantariReviewed Chapter: 22 on 12/18/2005
So perfect.
Omg, what a perfect ending. I knew that Frodo would feel as guilty as Merry for bringing them along... *Such* a perfect ending.
And the beginning with the nightmare and Merry defeating it was so great to include.
This story just makes me "squee" all over again.
sorry, i'll be more coherent later.
But yes, this was a joy to read and i'm so glad you wrote it. It couldn't have been better.

I love your Merry so much. :)

Tears flowed freely down Merryís cheeks as the minstrel sang, and for once, he made no effort to check them. There was not a dry eye in the company and Merry felt his heart would break, for the pain Frodo and Sam had suffered, and also for the love and honour being shown them now.
**from last chapter but written so so so so well. :D

ANd the last line of this chapter... :*) :*( :*)

so incredible.

I adore, am in love with this story.


Thank you so so so so so so much for this jewel. :D

Author Reply: I am so glad you enjoyed this story, and I admire your dedication in plowing through it the way you did! :)

PeriantariReviewed Chapter: 20 on 12/17/2005
"Itís just...I feel so out of control, and it frightens me. How can I take care of Pip and the others when I fall to pieces every time I have a stupid dream?"
aww~! Aragorn and Merry talking was written oh so well and it truly is a big step to distinguish between the SHadow-touched dreams and regular dreams.
I really liked how Aragorn was so insistent about talking in which Merry is more reluctant... i love your Aragorn and Merry interaction in this story and that is indeed a highlight of the entire story...

Suddenly, Merry became aware of a certain glint in Pippinís eyes. One he hadnít seen in a long while. Not since Rivendell, he supposed.

"What are you plotting, Peregrin Took?" he asked suspiciously.

The twinkle was quickly extinguished as Pippin put on his most innocent face before replying. "Iím sure I donít know what you are talking about, Meriadoc Brandybuck, and itís a fine thing, I must say, to be suspected of plotting by my own dear cousin."

So sweet~ and so glad that Pippin is his normal self again~ lol--suspected of plotting that is such a sweet detail to put in. :D Pippin innocent? really? ;)

"I thought about naming her after you, but she is far too pretty and sweet-tempered to be saddled with such a name."
lol! That was so funny i literally laughed out loud in RL. :D So funny and..yes i just love it. :D

I love the darkness of this tale yet the lightness and the interaction you have between characters is oh so perfect.

This is definitely one of my favorite stories because i always wanted a gapfiller of what Merry thought when he had to deal with all his kinsman being injured from the War and the Quest...

Thanks so much for this...

::continues to read:: =)

PeriantariReviewed Chapter: 19 on 12/17/2005
awww Merry! the last bit really surprised me since i was thinking it woudl be all uphill recovering from there but i guess the "trauma" from the Quest still is very much in the hobbits' minds.... It's so cool to see Pippin comfort Merry though--i really liked that.
I'm sure there would be nightmares for all hobbits since this Quest really had them going through so much.
It's really interesting to think about the psychological effects of the Quest and i guess that's why Angst is so popular in fanon. :D
Great chapter~ i also really liked the part in which Pippin knew that Merry had a headache--the scene by the stream was wonderfully described as well and Legolas being there was great as well for this is Fellowship bonding time again. :D

but your Merry is my highlight of this story. :D <3Merry! :D

Author Reply: I had to throw in one more little bit of drama before the end, just to keep everyone on their toes, lol. :)

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