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Flames  by Lindelea
New! No one, not even the author or editor, seemed to notice that the story jumped from Chapter 36 to Chapter 38. Recently we discovered the long-lost Chapter 37, from a document last saved to disk in August 2003. Apologies for overlooking this chapter. Hope you enjoy it. It is relevant to "A Took by any Other Name", in case you were wondering. *** The original summary: This story is complete. Ferdibrand Took, brave, bold, but in disgrace because of an incident in his past, helps the Tooks to stand against the ruffians while the Thain's son is gone away, perhaps never to return... (note on rating: most of this story is G-rated, but there are a couple of chapters containing violent material, hence the overall PG-13)
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Prologue2
Chapter  1: Reclamation1
Chapter  2: Heir1
Chapter  3: News1
Chapter  4: Co-incidents1
Chapter  5: Guilty2
Chapter  6: Flames0
Chapter  7: Return0
Chapter  8: Battle0
Chapter  9: Restoration0
Chapter 10: Dreams0
Chapter 11: Reunion0
Chapter 12: Shadows1
Chapter 13: Task0
Chapter 14: NightScares0
Chapter 15: Holiday0
Chapter 16: Forgotten0
Chapter 17: Respite0
Chapter 18: Brace0
Chapter 19: Wastrel0
Chapter 20: Bonfire0
Chapter 21: Tournament0
Chapter 22: Reinstated0
Chapter 23: Remembering1
Chapter 24: Escort0
Chapter 25: Tremours0
Chapter 26: Ruin1
Chapter 27: Recovering0
Chapter 28: Ill-wishing0
Chapter 29: News0
Chapter 30: Shunned1
Chapter 31: Shadow0
Chapter 32: Pride1
Chapter 33: Pardon1
Chapter 34: Freed0
Chapter 35: Prodigal0
Chapter 36: Head0
Chapter 37: Gossip2
Chapter 38: Fathers2
Chapter 39: Sons0
Chapter 40: Winner0
Chapter 41: Bitterness0
Chapter 42: Bereavement0
Chapter 43: (In)justice0
Chapter 44: Post0
Chapter 45: Wildfire0
Chapter 46: Smoke0
Chapter 47: Help0
Chapter 48: Healing0
Chapter 49: Wakening0
Chapter 50: Abedding0
Chapter 51: Wedding0
Chapter 52: Talk0
Chapter 53: Race0
Chapter 54: Interference0
Chapter 55: Resolution0
Chapter 56: Collusion0
Chapter 57: Clearing0
Chapter 58: The Beginning6

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