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Hidden Agenda  by sheraiah
A female elf is found brutally murdered in Minas Tirith. Is it a random act of violence or does it spell danger for Legolas, Thranduil, and the king and queen of Gondor?
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: Chapter 12
Chapter  2: The Plot Thickens2
Chapter  3: Despair and Danger2
Chapter  4: Never underestimate an elf4
Chapter  5: Unlikely savior4
Chapter  6: Mending bodies and hearts5
Chapter  7: Revelations and Awakenings2
Chapter  8: Mending and Remembrances7
Chapter  9: Friends and Enemies9
Chapter 10: Nightmares and Treachery7
Chapter 11: Subterfuge and food13
Chapter 12: Poison and Treachery14
Chapter 13: Conversations7
Chapter 14: Revelations and Capture8
Chapter 15: Swords and Traitors5
Chapter 16: 4
Chapter 17: From Under Their Noses6
Chapter 18: The Path to Redemption4

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