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Leaving home; Coming Home  by Mirkwoodmaiden
Eowyn leaves home in Edoras to marry Faramir. Éomer finds an unexpected jewel. Chapter TWENTY is up! Faramir and Éowyn start to settle into life after the Ring War.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: Leaving Home2
Chapter  2: Gems for Mama4
Chapter  3: Home to Minas Tirith2
Chapter  4: A Friendship Takes Root2
Chapter  5: Treasures of the Heart Unearthed 3
Chapter  6: A Wine-Coloured Dress2
Chapter  7: Honors Bestowed2
Chapter  8: A Revealing Morning's Ride2
Chapter  9: Brothers at heart2
Chapter 10: The Fire is Kindled4
Chapter 11: Admissions of the Heart4
Chapter 12: Promises fulfilled4
Chapter 13: Three Mornings2
Chapter 14: Two Hearts joined3
Chapter 15: Reflections upon the past and present3
Chapter 16: A Promise for the Future3
Chapter 17: Two Young Hearts3
Chapter 18: Amid Giggles and Gasps2
Chapter 19: The Past need Not be Prologue3
Chapter 20: A Sense of Purpose2

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