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Leaving home; Coming Home  by Mirkwoodmaiden 2 Review(s)
SimplegirlfromLPReviewed Chapter: 20 on 6/28/2020
Pleased you continued it.

Author Reply: Simplegirl!

It just didn't seem finished!


shireboundReviewed Chapter: 20 on 6/27/2020
Such a lovely story. I really appreciate these two lines, so beautifully written!

At long last Faramir was being appreciated and his ideas valued by one whom she knew he respected beyond all others.

A year ago, I could not see what could happen, only what was. And now I am happy.

Author Reply: Shirebound!

Hello! Thanks! normally I have in mind where a story stops but this one just wants to continue!

Their continues happily!

Thanks for taking the time to write!

Stay safe! Mellon nin!



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