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Leaving home; Coming Home  by Mirkwoodmaiden

TA 3020  At Edoras

“Did you pack your new wool dresses?

“Yes. And my extra cloak and my new leggings.”  Eowyn looked at her brother in exasperation, newly crowned as King of Rohan, crowned after the death of their beloved uncle Theoden on the Fields of Pelennor, who had been properly mourned and interred, but now her brother was acting more like an overprotective mother hen than a brother or a king.

She watched as Eomer peered into her trunk distractedly to see if all was in order.  She saw worry written across his brow beyond the fall of blondish hair partially bound in a leather thong. There was something he was trying to say; something he felt he needed to say.  She walked over to the trunk sitting at the foot of her bed, reached and took both of his hands in hers, looking into blue eyes filled with anxiety and regret.  “It is well.  I am all packed.”

“What about the figurines carved for us by father.  You would not want to be without those.”  

She thought of the delicately carved wooden horses her father had made for them both when they were children.  They were the last gifts from her father who was killed in an orc raid later that same year; Eowyn had been only seven.  She did love those figurines.  One was of a horse rearing up and the other was a horse at full gallop.  She smiled at the beautiful memory of childhood and yes she had safely packed them for the journey to Gondor.   

She looked into her brother's eyes, “I am ready,” she said referring to more than her trunks.  She waited for him to find the words he felt he needed to say.

Eomer stared for a few long moments and then unburdened his heart in a rush of emotion, so unusual for him.  Eomer was quick with his sword and quick with his temper, but softer words did not always flow unimpeded. “I just want you to be happy.  You have had so little in your life.  I should have been there for you.  More than I was.  I should have seen.  I should have known.  But I just did not.  And when I saw you on the battlefield bloodied and still, thinking you dead, it rent my soul and I was filled with sorrow and regret.  I should have been there for you.  Can you forgive me?” Tormented blue eyes looked at Eowyn.

Still holding his hands Eowyn declared, “My beloved brother, have you been carrying this in your heart all this time?" She smiled, "Be at ease.  There is nothing to forgive.  You did not see, no one did.  I would not let them.”  She looked at Eomer, always so strong, so confident, always so much emotion just below the surface.  She loved the man he was.  “I am well.  I go to Gondor and into Ithilien in peace and happiness. And with a heart full of love and no regret.”

“I sorrow to lose you.  If it were to anyone other than Faramir, I do not think I could have accepted it.  He is a fine and honorable man.  Worthy of my sister,” Eomer's eyes shining with tears of pride that remained unshed.

Eowyn smiled and kissed her brother’s forehead, “Then be happy for me and I hope to be happy for you in future days yet unseen.  Think not of the past.  I do not.  It is time to look to the future, to the days to come.  I hope to see you happy as well, my brother.”

Eomer looked into her eyes and saw the truth of what she was saying.  Joy lit his heart to see this happiness where before too often there had been only duty and regret, “My future is here, to bring peace and good life to our people.  All else will be as it may.  I look for nothing else.”

Teasing gently, “You may not look but that does not mean you will not find.” Eowyn said, laughing, “Oh brother!  I would have you as happy as I!”

Eomer harrumphed, “You are merry and it is good to see.  All else is foolishness.”

“Pardon, My king,” Fastred, a young rider appeared at the doorway to Eowyn’s bower, head bowed, fist on heart awaiting his King’s word.

“Speak,” said Eomer King, not unkindly.

“My King, is the Lady Eowyn ready to depart? Lord Gamling has sent me to inquire.”

Eowyn moved to close her last trunk. “Aye, Fastred.  The Lady Eowyn is ready to depart!”  she looked at Eomer and smiled, “Come, let us go!”

Eomer returned the smile and motioned to Fastred, “You heard the Lady! Gather that trunk up and let us go!” 

The young rider scrambled to carry out the trunk. 

Eowyn took one last look around the bower she had called hers for most of her life, since she and Eomer had come to live here in Edoras after their father had died in an Orc attack.  There had been happy times and many sad ones.  Still it was home.  Eomer reached out his hand and finally his smile had reached his eyes when he said, “Come, it is time.”  Eowyn took his hand in hers and together they stepped over the threshold and followed Fastred, down the hall to begin the journey to a new life.


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