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Leaving home; Coming Home  by Mirkwoodmaiden 3 Review(s)
SimplegirlfromLPReviewed Chapter: 19 on 6/12/2020
I could not put this down, every minute that I had, I was reading. And now to wait for the next chapter. 😔
The flash backs add depth to the moment and the characters, I love it. My heart breaks for the wounded soul of Faramir. I love this Éowyn and Faramir, they love so sweetly and tenderly.

Can’t wait for the next chapter.

Author Reply: Simplegirl!

I am so happy that you enjoyed this story. Faramir and Éowyn are very close to my heart. Both Faramir and Éowyn are wounded souls who find and heal each other. I find their relationship so beautiful. I am trying to figure out the direction for the next couple of chapters of the story. But also the story of Faramir and Éowyn does continue a couple of years down the line in my story "A Light in Midwinter."

Thank you for all the reviews. It means the world to me that you took the time to write!

Stay safe!


LenielestelReviewed Chapter: 19 on 6/1/2020
What a lovely story! I've never been much interested in middle earth stories without elves in them, but you may have converted me into an Eomer enthusiast!

I started this story last night, and could hardly leave it to sleep a few hours... So since I couldn't bring myself to stop reading long enough to review individual chapters, I must mention some of my favorite things so far:
* I love how much thought you have put into Faramir's young life and its effects on his present behavior.
* The rings! The beautiful rings! So much symbolism, so elegantly described!
* Your original characters fit nicely into the world. I'm growing very fond of Telion!
* I'm enjoying the "flashback to explain the importance of this moment" style.

Thank you for sharing your delightful imagination!

Author Reply: Lenielestel!

Wow! So wonderful to hear from you! I have on occasion found other writers' stories that enthralling and quite pleased and thrilled to know that my story has captured your attention in the same way! *I blush*

I must give Karl Urban and his fantastic portrayal of Eomer much credit for my characterization of him. So much passion and emotion kept leashed within, until he sees Eowyn on the battlefield in the film! That scene always rips my heart out.

Eomer and Lothiriel appear quite a bit in another one of my stories, "A Light in Midwinter." It is a shorter story but it is quite fun. Eowyn is about to give birth and their house in Ithilien is bursting with Elves, Dwarves, Men and Hobbits all there to share in the joy! Much drinking takes place!

Faramir has always been endlessly fascinating to me. Given so little love in his childhood he shows Eowyn such love and patience in the Houses of Healing it just amazes me. When thinking about Faramir's youth I try very hard to create along the lines that Tolkien wrote about him. And then how that would inform his behaviour.

The rings! I love to describe jewelry and then write about it and the significance it has for the wearer, Why? I don't know. Jewelry is very personal to me so I write about its importance to my characters.

Telion was an inspiration as I was writing chapter 7. I had a thought that I wanted to show some common people in Minas Tirith and tangentially through the story show how the battle for the City and the aftermath affected them and Taethion and then Telion were born! I have also grown quite fond of Telion myself. I suspect he and Nariel will make continued appearances. How? Yet to be determined!

I am really happy the flashbacks work for you! I sometimes wonder if they are distracting but when I look back at the chapters they seem to work!

Sorry! got a bit long winded! And breathe! :-))

Thanks for writing!


shireboundReviewed Chapter: 19 on 5/31/2020
she was seeing him with his walls down and she still seemed to love him.

I can't think of any wedding gift that would be more precious to Faramir.

Author Reply: Shirebound!

Exactly! Faramir needs to know that Eowyn will love him warts and all (Or what Faramir perceives as warts at least!) He will learn to open up and share but that was a bridge too far on the morning after their wedding!



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