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Eclectic Whimsies  by Ellie
A collection of unrelated brief indulgences for readers on the run by a writer on the run.--Latest indulgence written in honor of this lovely time of the year: "Noe 'ni Ast Vall" - When spring comes to Lothlůrien, sunshine and flowers are not the only things to arrive with it.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: Lost in a Song6
Chapter  2: Making Reparations7
Chapter  3: Leaving3
Chapter  4: Pearls for a Battle Ax4
Chapter  5: A Time of Change5
Chapter  6: Bumps in the Night3
Chapter  7: EnyŠlŽ 2
Chapter  8: One Mid-Winter Night2
Chapter  9: Just a Storm1
Chapter 10: Warm Feelings on a Joyful Occasion2
Chapter 11: Here We Go Again...7
Chapter 12: First Festival: A Celebration of Life Part 1- A First Festival in Aman2
Chapter 13: First Festival: A Celebration of Life Part 2 - A First Festival in Middle-earth3
Chapter 14: Summer Project4
Chapter 15: A Ring Given, A Debt Incurred3
Chapter 16: Harvesting Hope2
Chapter 17: Night Terrors3
Chapter 18: Sense and Consensus3
Chapter 19: Noe 'ni Ast Vall6

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