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Eclectic Whimsies  by Ellie

Written for the ALEC Warm Feelings challenge

Summary: It doesn't get much warmer than this...


Nasty hobbiteses. Took you from usssss.

But we showed them. 

Bit his finger we did. Spat it at him!  Tasted his sweet blood.

Hold you again. You have returned to us!  Nice Precious! Precious loves us!  Precious holds us! On our finger once again.

The fires warm us! Bright and terrible! Warm! So very warm. So bright!

Precious loves us. Makes us strong. Poor Sméagol no longer alone. Glad we are. Yesss! We are together again. Gollum! Gollum!

The wind is hot.  The fire surrounds us. We care not.

Love our Precious!   

Our Precious is home!


Author’s Note:  It must have been a long way down... 

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