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Eclectic Whimsies  by Ellie

Written for the ALEC "A Seed Is Planted" challenge where it made a spectacular showing of dead last. But, I've been wanting to write this particular story for years, figuring it will take place eventually, nyah...

Summary: Who ever would have guessed that something so small would have resulted in something so large - again?

 Many thanks to Fiondil for the beta.

Author’s Note: This story is told in snippets from a series of articles. Jump in and all will become clear as you read…

Human Cloned from Strand of Hair

Dr. Julianna Meyers of Duke University announced today that she has successfully cloned a human.  According to Dr. Meyers, the clone, a female, was created from the DNA derived from a strand of blonde hair from an unidentified donor.  Born last week to a surrogate mother, the child appears to be healthy and normal although with a slight superficial anomaly which was easily corrected with minor plastic surgery. 


Birth Announcement

Dr. Aaron Tertius and Mrs. Kailani Grace Finley announce the birth of a daughter Nerys Leilani Finley on April 2, 2011. The baby weighed 8 pounds 11 ounces and was 22 inches long at birth. Little Nerys was welcomed home at 2818 Valhalla Place in Morrisville by four brothers ages 16, 12, 9, and 6. 


Local Girl Receives National Honors for Science Project

Morrisville Middle School has something else to be proud of this week in addition to the wrestling team taking first in the state: seventh grader Nerys L. Finley’s science fair project earned her national honors and a trip to Washington, D.C.. The project, a study in refracting light, caught the attention of not only science fair judges, but also some top scientists at MIT who… 


High Schooler to Go to Olympics for Second Time

Talk about hard to catch! Senior class president Nerys Finley will certainly have a lot to talk about in her speech as valedictorian of her class at graduation this year: she’s going to the Olympics – again.

“Anything a boy can do, I can do better and I’ll prove it,” the ambitious Finley said in a recent interview.

And prove it she has! The track and field star is a hopeful to medal in the javelin, the high jump, and numerous foot races.  


Doctorate and Nobel Prize for Physics Awarded on Same Day?

Morrisville native Dr. Nerys L. Finley has a tough decision to make this Saturday. Will she go to MIT where she will receive her doctorate in physics or will she find herself thousands of miles away accepting the Nobel Prize for Applied Physics for her work in light refraction and textiles? The former Sports Illustrated swim suit model admits that though she always believed in herself, she never expected to win the Nobel Prize – at least not yet. In an interview from a photo shoot in the Philippines, Finley said… 


Actor Marries Local Bombshell

Many hearts around the world were broken last weekend when Swedish born actor Keller Bjorn, winner of multiple Academy awards married model Dr. N. Leilani Finley in a private ceremony in Rio. The “prince of the silver screen” and the blonde bombshell tied the knot before a small gathering of family and friends in a simple beach wedding. 


And Baby Makes Three for Bjorn and His Belle

Heartthrob Keller Bjorn and his bonnie belle Dr. Leilani Finley announce the birth of their daughter Kelly Brianna on September 2 at an undisclosed hospital in New York City. The baby is the first child for both Bjorn and Finley.  


New Camouflage Fatigues Adopted by Military

Gone are the days of the greens, browns, whites, and blues for our military’s camouflage apparel.  Starting this spring, the military will have a new look which encompasses all environments: grey. Odd you say? Dubbed “silvan grey” by creator Dr. N. Leilani Finley, the fabric actually blends into all environments, concealing the wearer with such a complete and total chameleon effect that only infrared sensors can locate the wearer and even then that is not entirely accurate if the wearer is garbed head to toe and masked in the material as well.  


Senator Makes Bid for Presidency

She’s borne many titles in her life: Nobel Prize winner, Olympian, US Senator, fashion model, professor, inventor, wife, and mother.  Most of us would die happy if we could claim even half of these, but for Senator Nerys Leilani Finley of New York there is one more title she strives to add to her list of accomplishments – President of the United States. That’s right. The smart southern belle from North Carolina threw her hat into the ring today for the upcoming presidential elections. Always ambitious, the…


Finishing the article with his morning tea, he quietly took out his scissors, clipped this most recent story, and affixed it to the next empty page of his scrapbook. As he closed the book, another older clipping fell to the floor.


Rare Archeological Find Indicates Civilization Predates Previous Earliest Findings

Scientists at a secret dig site located somewhere between Nova Scotia and Switzerland announce a find of monumental proportions. 

“This changes all previous notions of civilization as we know it, to the point of providing solid proof that humans on earth were predated by a more advanced humanoid civilization. We’ve found thousands of artifacts including buildings and DNA samples,” said Dr. Cameron Alexander of Emory University, the chief anthropologist working the site.


Annoyed beyond belief at this morning’s latest irritating development in the Finley saga, Thranduil swore loudly as he picked up the errant article and shoved it back into the book. 

“Damn that dwarf for asking her for a strand of her hair...”




Tolkien said that Galadriel was a match for both the loremasters and the athletes in Aman and she desired to have a realm of her own to rule without tutelage, so why should her clone be any different? Nerys and Leilani were the closest I could come to in meaning to Nerwen (man-maiden), Artanis (Noble woman), and Galadriel (maiden crowned in a radiant garland).

Nerys ... (Welsh) for "Noble woman."

Leilani (Hawaiian) pronounced lay-LAH-nee. Means "heavenly lei or royal  child of heaven ". A "lei" is of course the Hawaiian  necklace of flowers, shells, or feathers which symbolizes regard and love  for the person to whom it is given.

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