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Not Gonna Happens  by Larner
Lord of the Rings meets situations not ordinarily met, situations with a bit of blurring about the edges, perhaps? Some stories of events that didn't happen, thank Eru.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: What Was that Job Description?27
Chapter  2: Why Mums and Dads Leave Home11
Chapter  3: Inequity16
Chapter  4: The Cook-off13
Chapter  5: A Game of Ninepins8
Chapter  6: Cook Needed17
Chapter  7: Too Many Rangers20
Chapter  8: Light Reading14
Chapter 10: Transformation24
Chapter 11: Prepared to Live Indeed10
Chapter 12: The Job Interview7
Chapter 13: The Enigma of the Mysterious Shop5
Chapter 14: Hobbit and Mouse15
Chapter 15: A Battle of Wolves6
Chapter 16: A Gift from Afar3
Chapter 17: Disturbances of the Peace6
Chapter 18: A Little Surreptitious Help12
Chapter 19: A Nun in the Closet5

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