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We Were Young Once ~ III  by Conquistadora
BOOK III ~ ARAN ~ The War of the Last Alliance destroyed his army and killed his father, but it made Thranduil King in Eryn Galen and afforded his people a thousand years of peace. But a new enemy (or perhaps an old one) plants himself on Amon Lanc and begins poisoning the forest. As life becomes darker and more dangerous, King Thranduil must discover whether he has the strength to stand between the Wood-elves of Greenwood and the nameless Necromancer of Dol Guldur.
Status: In Progress
Chapter Prologue: Dust and Memory15
Chapter  1: A New Age8
Chapter  2: Into Shadow7
Chapter  3: New Happiness9
Chapter  4: The Golden Years7
Chapter  5: The Golden Years II4
Chapter  6: The Golden Years III4
Chapter  7: Whispers in the Dark2
Chapter  8: Whispers in the Dark II3
Chapter  9: Whispers in the Dark III2
Chapter 10: Whispers in the Dark IV1
Chapter 11: Whispers in the Dark V1
Chapter 12: Whispers in the Dark VI1
Chapter 13: Whispers in the Dark VII2
Chapter 14: The Storm Breaks6
Chapter 15: The Challenge3
Chapter 16: The Darkest Night6
Chapter 17: The Darkest Night II1
Chapter 18: The Darkest Night III7
Chapter 19: Hopeless Courage5
Chapter 20: Hopeless Courage II5
Chapter 21: Hopeless Courage III7
Chapter 22: Winds of Ruin4
Chapter 23: Holding the North1
Chapter 24: Holding the North II2
Chapter 25: Holding the North III6
Chapter 26: Holding the North IV2
Chapter 27: Holding the North V2
Chapter 28: Hands of a King10
Chapter 29: Blood and Roses5
Chapter 30: The Pieces Are Moving3
Chapter 31: Lifting the Shadow7
Chapter 32: A Watchful Peace2
Chapter 33: In the Bleak Midwinter3
Chapter 34: Counsel2
Chapter 35: The City of Bells2
Chapter 36: The Days of Dearth2
Chapter 37: Fire2
Chapter 38: To Resist Despair2
Chapter 39: The Fell Winter1
Chapter 40: The Affairs of Wizards0
Chapter 41: The Affairs of Wizards II0
Chapter 42: The Affairs of Wizards III0
Chapter 43: The Affairs of Wizards IV0
Chapter 44: The Affairs of Wizards V0
Chapter 45: The Affairs of Wizards VI0
Chapter 46: The Affairs of Wizards VII0
Chapter 47: The Affairs of Wizards VIII0
Chapter 48: The Affairs of Wizards IX5
Chapter 49: Those Who Wander2
Chapter 50: Those Who Wander II3
Chapter 51: Those Who Wander III1

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