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We Were Young Once ~ III  by Conquistadora 3 Review(s)
MirkwoodmaidenReviewed Chapter: 33 on 12/25/2020

Merry Christmas! Thank you for the lovely present of a new chapter of this epic and enthralling story. The title told me that the chapter was not going to end in sweetness and light! ;-)

Poor Thranduil, destined not to take his leave of Middle Earth. But I am glad he has had a four hundred year respite from Sauron's machinations. Lindoriel will most definitely understand. Tauriel, a coincidence of naming or is this Tauriel of Hobbit film name? If it is, it is a lovely origin story for her.

Hope you are having a safe and happy Christmas!

Be safe, Mellon nin!

((Christmas hugs))


Author Reply: Thanks, and you're welcome! This is indeed Tauriel from the movies, but I think she deserved a complete rewrite. :D Always good to hear from you!

mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 33 on 12/25/2020
I don't know how you are doing it but each chapter leaves me mesmerized and thinking about next update!!!! Now Thranduil definitely will not sail to Valinor when Sauron attacked once more. I think that even Thranduil knows that he will not be happy in the Middle Earth his sense of duty will not allow him to leave. I l suspect that most of his people will have to leave with him or he will always think he abandoned his duties. I wonder how it will be dealt with in the future when we know that Legolas will not be his heir. Of course others can replace him but I think he would feel as if he failed. It was wonderful that he managed to save Tauriel and I can't wait to find out more about her. I know that she will be completely different than Tauriel in movies :).Thank you so much for posting this chapter in Christmas time!!! I am so grateful you managed to find some time for writing. Merry Christmas to you and your family if you celebrate!!!!

Author Reply: Thank you! Yes, as you guessed, Tauriel will be similar to but quite different than movie Tauriel. Merry Christmas!

:)Reviewed Chapter: 33 on 12/25/2020
oh my god. yes.

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