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We Were Young Once ~ III  by Conquistadora 7 Review(s)
mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 4 on 11/25/2019
What did Thranduil do? Sort of hypnosis to prevent pain?

Author Reply: Something like that. I'm not sure about the details of the intimate lives of Elves, but it seemed like he should be in a position to do it if he wanted to.

thughes41Reviewed Chapter: 4 on 3/24/2010
I just started reading your "We Were Young Once" stories about a month ago and have really been enjoying them. I'm current on the second stor and didn't realize that the third part wasn't yet done. I really do hope you finish this last part of your wonderful storyline. I've really enjoyed reading it.

silent planetReviewed Chapter: 4 on 11/9/2009
wow! you updated. haha i only check this like every six months i'm surprised i saw it this recently.

AyalaReviewed Chapter: 4 on 10/31/2009
more more love that story and your character Lindoriel
Tolkien never write on the wife of Thranduil?

CandissDReviewed Chapter: 4 on 10/23/2009
wonderful chapter! I am so happy you updated :)

Author Reply:

Mere YomReviewed Chapter: 4 on 10/17/2009
What a joy to see that you have returned to this story! Poor Lindoriel-- such a harrowing birth story. But, joy comes in the morning. I love that you've written this not with the focus on the angst, but as a touching moment between husband and wife, with the emphasis on the new life.

Author Reply:
Hopefully it won't be the last time I have a chance to update, either. :)

AdrianneReviewed Chapter: 4 on 10/16/2009
Be still my heart! I could not get here fast enough when I opened my email and found that you had posted a new chapter for his phenomenal story!

At last, Legolas is with us! He will be an only child, of course, because of the energy his mother spent to give him birth. I loved the exquisite way that Thranduil took on Lindoriel's pain at the time of her surgery. What an amazing turn of events.

Thank you, thank you for returning, my friend. I look forward now to watching Legolas grow and become the Prince of the Realm.

Excellent joy, as always.


Author Reply:
I'm glad you enjoyed it. ^_^
Thanks for reading!

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