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Keeper of the Jewels  by Cuthalion
In the aftermath of Aragorns coronation and wedding the hobbits get involved in a dangerous conspiracy. There is an abduction and a disturbing mystery to solve, and the centre of the complot seems to be a noble woman, member of an old gondorean family, the Keeper of the Jewels... 1st Place MEFAs 2007 (Minas Tirith: Adventure)
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: The Wish of a King4
Chapter  1: Mishap in the Garden9
Chapter  2: Thieves in the Night8
Chapter  3: Dove Flight8
Chapter  4: Falling Pearls6
Chapter  5: Friends and Foes9
Chapter  6: The cleverness of cousins11
Chapter  7: The weapon of truth12
Chapter  8: A Sword in the Dungeon11
Chapter  9: Dolorous treachery12
Chapter 10: The Justice of the King6
Chapter Epilogue 2: The Lady from the Sea7
Chapter Author's Notes: A few remarks...4

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