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Keeper of the Jewels  by Cuthalion

A few remarks...

I have been writing fanfiction for three years now, have tried to abandon it for the sake of more time and some original stories (that might actually bring some money in), but I've come to the conclusion that I will never be able to stop writing in the Professor's universe completely - though this is probably the last really long Middle Earth tale I'll ever write (but I have said that before, and look what we have here... *sigh*)


... thank you to my marvelous friend Rabidsamfan who pushed this gorgeous plot bunny in my direction by sighing in her Livejournal for a tale where for a change Sam is suffering (or abducted) instead of Frodo. It was certainly not the first plotbunny I've been graciously given, but hers always have a very special quality, and I am glad and proud to know her. *hugs you close*

... thank you to Jodancingtree, my eldest friend in this writer's fandom. Part of the success of this tale I owe to you, for you created many of the beautiful twists in the plot for me, and you fueled my imagination until it was burning bright. This is what you've always done, my dear. I love you.

... thank you to my beta Ariel. She taught my my writing in a very "literal" sense of the meaning. She got rid of my foreign flaws, made suggestions, raised her eyebrow or squee'd all over my stories when I needed it. It is hard to find someone that enthusiastic, selfless und supportive. Love you, sweet one.

Oh... and of course thank you to each and every one who read this so far and wrote a comment. You have carried me through, and you have made me very happy. *bows deeply*


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