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Shadows of a Nameless Fear  by Budgielover
Chapter 21 - "In a Place Silhouetted by Sunshine" - COMPLETE. All parties regroup at the inn, where one hurdle still remains to the Ring-bearer's safety and return to health.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: In the Halls of the King8
Chapter  2: In the Rooms of a Ring-bearer6
Chapter  3: Under a Vault of Stars9
Chapter  4: On the Streets of the City18
Chapter  5: Outside of the Inn6
Chapter  6: Amongst the Scattered Stones18
Chapter  7: In a Pit of Darkness15
Chapter  8: At the End of All Roads20
Chapter  9: Down Devious Paths19
Chapter 10: Through a Doorway of Heat and Flame19
Chapter 11: Out of a House of Flame19
Chapter 12: Between White Stone and Shadows14
Chapter 13: Out on the Cobbled Streets19
Chapter 14: In the Light of the Dying Moon19
Chapter 15: In a Room Blazing with Light16
Chapter 16: Inside and Outside of White Stone Walls15
Chapter 17: In a Room Shadowed with Fears Unnamed13
Chapter 18: On the Cusp of Dreadful Knowings14
Chapter 19: Down Dark Roads to Terrible Truths14
Chapter 20: Alone in a Circle of Many18
Chapter 21: In a Place Silhouetted by Sunshine17

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