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Shadows of a Nameless Fear  by Budgielover 14 Review(s)
LaurelinReviewed Chapter: 12 on 4/22/2009
Pippin is outside the city? How will he ever get back? THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!!!! Haha I was reading this during Academic Wheel, & my teacher (who also happens to be a huge lotr fan) got mad 'cuz we were supposed to be doing something "school related":p, but then i told him what it was & he said he'd let it slide & asked me for the website URL! While I was reading your work I had to keep reminding myself that Pippin would be ok in the end... he will won't he???? Oh well I'll just keep reading *sighs contentedly*

CuthalionReviewed Chapter: 12 on 10/10/2006
Pippin's situation is getting increasingly worse, as it seems. And he won't be able to pretend being nine-fingered for long, I fear! Now I really start to worry...

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 12 on 9/22/2006
They got out with him, and down the ropes apparently to freedom? It doesn't seem fair, somehow. Hurry, Aragorn, and capture them!

And clever, clever Merry!

lotrgirl1415Reviewed Chapter: 12 on 8/29/2006
(please ignore spelling errors/teen abbreviations in this review!!For I know there may be some...and I can't open a spell check)
YAY an update!!Thnx for the review reply..xoxo

OOOoooOOOoooHHHhhhHHH Such a brave Merry!!He's totally kicking some major man-butt!

OH my Poor Pippin! I do hope nothing happens to his lil hobbity tongue!!Orcs are so mean...*pout* I shall come to Pippin's rescue!!

[Katie:]" hey you!Evil orc dudes, put the hobbit down!"
[Orc Dude #1:] "no...I dont think I will..." *evilglareofdoom*
[Orc Dude #2:]*evilknucklecrackofdoom*
[Orc Dude #3:] "as if you could stop us you puny human!" *evillaughofdoom*
*theycometowrd me with evil intentions*


[Katie:] You think you can intimidate ME?!?! *forbodingmusicslowsakwardlytoastop* Wait a second...."Puny Human"?!? Oh NO YOU didn't! *SHAZAM* *KICKSSOMEMAJORORCBUTT*
[Orcs Dude 1,2&3:] *buttskicked**bamboozelded*
[Katie:] Pippin!
[Pippin:] Katie!
*slow motion music begins to play as we jump into each other's arms*
[Pippin:] My hero!
[Katie&Pippin:] *lovingsnuggles*
[Frodo:]*appearsoutofnowhere* I thought you loved ME Katie!*tears*
[Pippin:] no she loves me!!
*pippin and Frodo seem to get angry with each other*
[Frodo:] SHE'S MINE!
[Pippin:] NO, SHE'S MINE!
[Katie:] relax you two!You both can have me!
*and they all lived happily ever after*


Well that was fun.A little bit of buttkicking goes a long way dont you think?

Well my dear I hope my power doesnt go out this hurricane that i will get to read each update wheever it appears...*sigh*...I hate hurricane season..*pout*...It is just about the only negative thing about living in Florida.

thnx for the update and birthday wishes!
lots of love Budgie-kins!!!
update soon!


Author Reply: Katie dear, I can just see you bristling at the orcs, and them cowering in terror. Your generous heart shows in your willingness to share with Pippin and Frodo - you will be the envy of every lass in the fandom. This really does call for a Mary-Sue, you know... ;)

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 12 on 8/29/2006
The orc carrying him barked a laugh. “The tongue to start,” it said with satisfaction.

My god! They are already outside the walls of Minas Tirith! There isn't much hope that someone will find the smuggler's bolthole. And what will those orcs do, if they find out that Pippin is not the Ring-bearer?

Still, there is hope, because there is Merry :)

Merry leaped, curling into a ball as he flew through the air. He hit the small of the Man’s back and felt him stumble.

Wow! I wished I could have seen that attack! Boromir would have been proud of him! I really hope that man knows enough for Merry to get on the right track.

Author Reply: Andrea my dear, your reaction concerning Pip's predicament is exactly what I was shooting for - thank you. And we will return to Pip in Chpt. 14, so you will have your question answered. Poor hobbits - they really won't speak to me after this one...

Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 12 on 8/29/2006
Poor Pippin,things look very bleak for him.A nail biting chapter.

Author Reply: You know, Linda, for the longest time I had great difficulty writing Pippin in peril. Funny now, isn't it? I bet the poor lad longs for the days gone by when Budgie was overly protective... :)

PeriantariReviewed Chapter: 12 on 8/28/2006
omigosh~! THe angst just mounts doesn't it? oh poor PIppin! I feel so horrible for him and the orcs' treatment is just abominable! :( I'm so frightened for Pippin now... poor Pippin! Please get him some help soon, please? i have no more fingernails left to bite for this fic. lol
ANd i love your Merry in here Then Merry said in a soft, certain voice, “Tell me where the Ring-bearer is or I will kill you.”

Awesome~ i love that determination and that courage that Merry had. And love the flashback to Boromir too.

The angst is making me dead--some rescue soon please? :) Awesome chapter--and yes, i haven't recoverd from the last one enough to review but omigosh--please save both Pippin and Frodo soon!
Can't wait for more. =] <--nervous smile

Author Reply: Oh, Periantari, you encourage me. Not the part about 'the angst making you dead' - never that! But by your generous words and vocal involvement in this story. As you know, sometimes it is difficult to make room in our lives to write and read fan fiction, and to know that one's work is being read and appreciated makes it worth it.

Frodo BagginsReviewed Chapter: 12 on 8/28/2006
Oh Budgielover! You *finally* updated! I know that sounds rude, but you left me hanging on a cliff by one finger, and I was about to be dropped. I thought I was saved until I saw the ending of this chapter... :) So would you mind saving me again? Pleeease? And what about Frodo? ANd Sam? Poor Pippin! If you don't take care him... Namarie!
God Bless,
Frodo Baggins

P.S. I really didn't mean to sound rude. I'm glad you're back. :)

Author Reply: FB, you didn't sound rude - don't you worry. I felt bad about not getting that chapter up earlier - I look at writing a story as a responsibility as well as a joy. If only Real Life would not get in the way so! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and I hope to be more prompt with Chpt. 14.

Queen GaladrielReviewed Chapter: 12 on 8/28/2006
No! You cannot stop here! How can there be hope for Pippin now? And who is this man that Merry is fighting? And what about Frodo and Sam? This is like a tripple cliff-hanger! :) I love how Merry's memory of Boromir inspires him, and how Pippin's mental image of furious Frodo helps him to go on. You're very true to the characters, Budgie. More soon...pleeeeeeease! :)
God bless,

Author Reply: Thank you, Your Majesty! For your enthusiam and for your compliments. It is easy to be true to the LotRs universe; we love it with every breath we draw. True, yes?

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 12 on 8/28/2006
Bye Pip :(

"Merry ghosted after the Man, silent as the bitter wind plucking at his cloak."
Love that imagry!!!

Keep writting, Budgie!!

Author Reply: Always, Pearl! Thank you for letting me know you are still reading!

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