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Fear No Darkness  by Thundera Tiger
Rivendell is playing host to a celebration of Sauron's fall, five years after the destruction of the Ring. Coming along for the festivities are representatives from Mirkwood, Lothlorien, the Shire, Ithilien, Gondor, and Aglarond. But also joining them is an old enemy from Mordor whose body was never recovered in the ruin of the Black Gates. Dark, dramatic tale with plenty of angst to go around, featuring a large cast of familiar characters plus a good serving of simple evil.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: A Remnant of Shadow2
Chapter  2: Reunions0
Chapter  3: Morning in Imladris1
Chapter  4: Evil in the Wood1
Chapter  5: Ambush1
Chapter  6: Diversions1
Chapter  7: Sundered by Shadow2
Chapter  8: The Return1
Chapter  9: Scattered Paths2
Chapter 10: The Ties that Separate1
Chapter 11: Veils of Darkness1
Chapter 12: Hope for Escape0
Chapter 13: Riddles in the Dark, Answers in the Light0
Chapter 14: A Fine Line0
Chapter 15: The Shadows Deepen2
Chapter 16: Midnight Musings1
Chapter 17: Rise Again0
Chapter 18: Breaking Points0
Chapter 19: Lifting the Veil2
Chapter 20: Roads Not Taken1
Chapter 21: Methods of Madness2
Chapter 22: Comings and Goings2
Chapter 23: Twisting Vision3
Chapter 24: Answers and Tempers2
Chapter 25: Delving into Darkness2
Chapter 26: Against the Grindstone10
Chapter 27: The Last Debates12
Chapter 28: When Wiser Eyes Turn Elsewhere10
Chapter 29: The Breaking of Dawn14
Chapter 30: The Roads less Traveled By30

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