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Dreamflower's Mathoms II  by Dreamflower
This will be a place where I will put most of my short pieces, such as ficlets, vignettes, and other short stories. STORY #100! "Standing Stones"... Bilbo and young Frodo come across an astonishing sight in the Northfarthing.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: One Day Left12
Chapter  2: Eucatastrophe IV: Happy New Year12
Chapter  3: A Fair Beginning9
Chapter  4: Marching Orders16
Chapter  5: A Time for Planting8
Chapter  6: Essay9
Chapter  7: In Good Hands6
Chapter  8: A Surfeit of Babies6
Chapter  9: Old Sorrows5
Chapter 10: Birthday Present9
Chapter 11: Appearances Can Be Deceiving9
Chapter 12: Proper Beginnings8
Chapter 13: Fifteen Years After12
Chapter 14: What Might Have Happened...12
Chapter 15: Family Reunion8
Chapter 16: Eucatastrophe V: Midsummer Fair, S.R. 142710
Chapter 17: Rude Awakening11
Chapter 18: Waiting for Merry and Frodo6
Chapter 19: Yule Among the Beornings10
Chapter 20: Into Fangorn12
Chapter 21: A Passing Troll20
Chapter 22: Early in the Morning7
Chapter 23: A Little Hobbit's Big Birthday11
Chapter 24: Birthday Morning14
Chapter 25: Recycled12
Chapter 26: The Byrding's Decision10
Chapter 27: Pippin and the Mask12
Chapter 28: A Shortcut to Disaster9
Chapter 29: Enchantment8
Chapter 30: At the Cottons: 13 Rethe S.R. 142013
Chapter 31: And So It Begins14
Chapter 32: Enthusiasm13
Chapter 33: Spring Chicken13
Chapter 34: Concussion9
Chapter 35: The Fellow in the Corner12
Chapter 36: Eucatastrophe: Five Years After12
Chapter 37: Sandcastles5
Chapter 38: Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose (the Great Auntie Pringle Remix)6
Chapter 39: Looking for Magic8
Chapter 40: Dreamsong7
Chapter 41: Misspoken10
Chapter 42: On Amon Sūl12
Chapter 43: Whatever Happened to Rusty Cotton?13
Chapter 44: Four Dances with the Bride3
Chapter 45: Ripples of Fear5
Chapter 46: Rainy Day at Whitwell9
Chapter 47: Of First Impressions and Old Friends11
Chapter 48: The Invitation7
Chapter 49: Making Do3
Chapter 50: Eucatastrophe: Bill9
Chapter 51: Now You See Him...9
Chapter 52: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures8
Chapter 53: The Token6
Chapter 54: A Much Needed Holiday7
Chapter 55: A Midsummer Night's Dream6
Chapter 56: Surprises and Secrets9
Chapter 57: Supper's Over, Breakfast's Cooking5
Chapter 58: Will There Ever Be a Morning?9
Chapter 59: Reckoning of Years9
Chapter 60: Trust in the Right8
Chapter 61: A Moment of Tranquility5
Chapter 62: Of Red Books and Cherry Tarts6
Chapter 63: Taking the Cake6
Chapter 64: Keeping the Peace6
Chapter 65: A Golden Summer's Day10
Chapter 66: Heat Waves and Hobbit Wishes8
Chapter 67: Aftermath of a Feast 5
Chapter 68: One Fine Autumn Day5
Chapter 69: On the Evening of Frodo's Fifth Birthday8
Chapter 70: Eucatastrophe: A Letter Home by Dreamflower6
Chapter 71: Somewhat Better Than Ironmongery8
Chapter 72: Overheard in the Dark4
Chapter 73: Coming to An Understanding7
Chapter 74: Witness to a Crime8
Chapter 75: When the Storms of Life are Raging (Stand by Me)4
Chapter 76: Berilac's Errand6
Chapter 77: Lessons at Bag End9
Chapter 78: The Gaffer's Letter7
Chapter 79: A Summer's Day Ramble3
Chapter 80: Esmeralda at the Bridge8
Chapter 81: A Sweet Visit4
Chapter 82: It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time3
Chapter 83: Useful Things Legibly Beautiful 5
Chapter 84: Ember-Roasted Artichokes4
Chapter 85: Nothing Personal...Just Business3
Chapter 86: Making the Best of It5
Chapter 87: Sam the Turtle Goes to Mordor11
Chapter 88: The Recruit3
Chapter 89: The Birthday Gift8
Chapter 90: A Moveable Feast4
Chapter 91: A Form of 'Thanksgiving'6
Chapter 92: Belladonna's Gift8
Chapter 93: Wakenings4
Chapter 94: The First Night Out of Bree6
Chapter 95: House of Mirth1
Chapter 96: Uncle Bingo Baggins' Bingo Bash6
Chapter 97: A Horse is a Horse Of Course 4
Chapter 98: Ten Years After There and Back Again4
Chapter 99: In the Cove3
Chapter 100: Standing Stones4

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