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Dreamflower's Mathoms II  by Dreamflower


Of Red Books and Cherry Tarts

Frodo put down his quill and rubbed his temples. This was difficult, writing of what Merry had experienced upon the Pelennor, his terror and despair. But, oh, his young cousin had proved so brave. He smiled to himself, remembering a seven-year-old who had attempted to stand up to Lotho for him-- why that was the only time in his life that Frodo had struck Lotho, when the bully had pushed Merry down in the road.

Suddenly, he felt cheered, and was unsurprised to see his cousin coming up the path when he glanced out the window. He capped the ink, and went to the front hall, opening the door before Merry could raise his hand to knock.

Merry was grinning ear to ear. “Frodo!” They embraced, and then Frodo pulled back to look in Merry’s face.

“Well, I see you have some news for me!”

Merry laughed outright at that. “I can’t keep anything from you anymore! But I just had to come tell you in person and not in a letter: I gave Estella yellow ribbons last night, after dining with her family at Brock Hall!”

Frodo could not help but grin in return. “And what did she give you?”
Merry’s grin grew foolish. “Why nothing other than her recipe for cherry tarts!”*

“I see then that you are officially a courting couple, then!

Congratulations, Merry-mine!” And he reached up to ruffle the sandy curls.

His brave and gallant Merry.

A/N: A reference to Larner’s story Of Courtship Rituals and Wizards

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