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Discretion  by Bodkin
Why do the sons of Elrond express their frustration in the secret tongue of the dwarves? Do they know what they are saying? Was Celebrian in the know? Then Elrond, as I was reminded, was a lore-master. . . Whereas Celeborn was not called 'the Wise' for nothing. Why did Gimli feel the need to educate Legolas? And what did Aragorn think? Who knew who else knew? What might the twins then choose to do about it all? Galadriel was less than pleased with Legolas . . . And the twins are scheming.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: From: the Paradise of Elves 71-721
Chapter  1: Discretion14
Chapter  2: Poetic Justice10
Chapter  3: A Light at a Dark Time9
Chapter  4: Brothers Beneath the Skin13
Chapter  5: Man Management13
Chapter  6: Awareness12
Chapter  7: Revelation13
Chapter  8: Royal Displeasure15
Chapter  9: Sharp Practice10
Chapter 10: Excuses12
Chapter 11: Explanation14
Chapter 12: Revenge14
Chapter 13: . . . Is Sweet12
Chapter 14: The End?12

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