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Discretion  by Bodkin 10 Review(s)
DotReviewed Chapter: 9 on 9/23/2005
ĎThe trick played on you was unfair.í Thatís right, Legolas. You go on and take the high road. Much better than being the one who inadvertently ruined a centuries-old joke.

ĎAll we need is enough people to convince Adar that the use of those terms is widespread.í Ah, so they didnít realise that others actually are using the phrases. How they didnít hear their children and Legolas did, I donít know. Iím cringing at the thought that Elrin and the young twins have picked this up. Things certainly have got out of hand!

I really liked the moment when Legolas repeats Gimliís words. Very well done and nicely touching. Itís interesting too. So itís not so much evolved but itís rather like the old game of Chinese whispers, in that what most elves are saying bears little resemblance to the original? I guessÖ thatís a good thing?

Iím laughing at the thought of asking AulŽ. They should send Glorfindel! Although, maybe AulŽ is the type whoís been having a laugh at this for the last few centuries. I bet heís pretty annoyed with Legolas too!!

Author Reply: Well - Legolas doesn't want E2 turning on him! Keep the trick before their eyes, Thranduilion.

Knowing that others are using 'those terms'. They're not the kind of phrases (they think) the use of which you make too obvious. And I don't know that the twins are too given to listening. They are a bit more life and soul of the party types. (Well, Elladan certainly is.) And Elrin and the twinlets have probably been exposed to the real stuff rather than the Chinese whisperers. They will have to be STOPPED. (Although I think E2L will enjoy the thought of Haldir mangling the secret tongue far too much to want to put an end to that!)

Sending Glorfindel to talk to Aule! What a good idea! I imagine Aule as quite a boisterous Vala - so I should think he could enjoy the joke. Perhaps he'll come and visit and tell them all to leave it alone. Or would that be beneath his dignity?

Rose SaredReviewed Chapter: 9 on 9/22/2005
Ah, the thick plottens! I say get in the Valar - a misery shared and all that!
Poor old Legs, he misses his dwarf, and potty mouthed children, obviously a universal problem.
Cannot wait to see what comes next

Author Reply: Ah yes. Every twist brings about a few more. And every problem has me scratching my head for a solution. (But Legolas needn't miss his dwarf, need he? You can fix it for them!)

The Dwarf, the King and the Evenstar. The lack of whom provides the glue that holds the twins and Legolas together. Because I don't think they really knew each other at all before the WotR. And we're back to the core of sadness that is central to elves.

But potty mouthed children can act as a distraction!

Next. Thank you. Yes. And next and next. But it has to end soon - although I've given up predicting when!

BMReviewed Chapter: 9 on 9/21/2005
This story was wonderfully written! It was very light-hearted and amusing, and I greatly enjoyed it. You give such a refreshing view of the elves' lives in the blessed realm! And you remained in book cannon, instead of movie, which I find to be quite impressive. Not that I'm ridiculing the movies--they are among my top favorite ever made and inspired me to read the books, the hobbit, and the simarillion to date (the other books will definitely follow!)--but I quickly grasped the difference in the book view of Tolkien's world and the movies, especially concerning the blessed realm.

And you story was so well written! I always rate stories on how well they pull me into the plot, and yours was a perfect 10! I could just picture every character, the scenery--everything! It was like I was there! And such realism! The characters came to life for me! Truly, you should be writing novels. Please continue with your work--I am definitely adding you to my favorites list. Thank you so much for sharing such great talent and such a delightful, humorous story!

Author Reply: Thank you. This is proving to be such fun to write - it has expanded like bread dough - I started convinced that the original part was all that needed to be said and, as people commented, it would spread to include most of the twins' family. It's still growing, but more slowly now and I am hoping it won't last more than another three or four segments - it just needs a conclusion of some sort!

I am so flattered by your comment - I have grown to love these characters dearly and I'm glad they came to life for you.

(I have given Legolas and the twins families - some of whom are mentioned in part 12, I think. There is a prologue to the story 'Elflings' that explains who is who, should you wish to know.)

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 9 on 9/21/2005
...they are never going to look on us as rational adults. Heh! Certainly not if they keep this up. Legolas is right again.

The stunned silence at learning Elrohir's girls were expressing themselves so freely was hilarious!

I still wonder about who this sort of behaviour reflects upon and who should remedy it. But, we shall see. ;)

...whatever you descendants of Finwe might do! Because Bodkin is such a good - and kind - storyteller.

Author Reply: It doesn't surprise me that Aewlin and Nimloth are using the expressions - and they are such little parrots, I'm sure that their accents are much better than most people's. Perhaps Galadriel or Elrond should use the teaching response - they want to speak Khuzdul, they can put in the effort to learn it properly.

Poor Elladan and Elrohir. They took too long to grow up really - two and a half thousand years is quite a long adolescence, even for an elf. And they are rational adults - and seen as them - most of the time these days. But they do want some revenge. On someone.

I'm not sure it's entirely possible to stop the mangled Khuzdul - but as it is now meaningless, it probably doesn't matter - it has degenerated into no more than a satisfying collection of venomous sounds. But we shall - might - see.

Thank you. I'm still wallowing in the repercussions of this tale. And new bits keep appearing. But it must come to an end soon.

EllieReviewed Chapter: 9 on 9/21/2005
Oh my. This just gets better and better. how funny!

Author Reply: Thank you. I'm glad you're enjoying it. This is such fun to do - and the story is still growing!

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 9 on 9/21/2005
The twins just don't learn, do they? :-) As if they have not been made to look foolish enough, now they want revenge that will surely backfire at least partially and make them look still sillier. Thank Heavens Legolas is there being a relatively level head and reminding them that they have already done enough. I must say, the thought of an entire generation of Elves in Valinor slaughtering the Secret Tongue just cracks me up. I loved Legolas's imitation of Gimli and the exchange about asking Aule what they are saying. I have no desire to set off a dispute amongst the Valar, whatever you descendants of FinwŽ might do! I'm reading this at work and got some very strange looks when I burst out laughing at this line. Hilarious! I love this. Isn't it wonderful how a simple reflection turned into such a great story!

Author Reply: Fingers crossed they come up with something a little easier to implement. I think they deserve a little bit of their own back on this.

Turning the Secret Tongue into a flowing rhythmic extension to elvish delights me. Just imagining how Gimli would have reacted to having his language twisted into a bastardised version is so enjoyable.

I can't help wondering how Aule would react to a delegation of certain elves wishing to consult him about Khuzdul - there could be steam rising from Taniquetil.

This has grown out of all control - but it has been such fun to do! And it's still growing. I'm so glad you are enjoying it.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 9 on 9/21/2005
I like Elrohir's initial incredulity that Legolas survived the encounter with Galadriel unscathed - and Legolas' omission of certain facts.

So Nimloth and Aewlin have picked up the expressions? Why doesn't that surprise me? I can understand Elrohir's reluctance to involve them, though - those two need no encouragement.

I want to see where their plan for revenge goes - I hope they pull it off. It's time the older generation paid for the eons of amusement and delight they've had at the twins' expense.

Author Reply: Well, you can't look cool if you admit to having had shaky knees.

Nimloth and Aewlin just would, wouldn't they? And I'll bet they have the intonation spot on. They're an imitative little pair. Which will need to be dealt with anyway. Pointing them at their grandparents would just be a form of directing the control.

I'm hoping they end up with a plot that is more workable. Legolas is trying to stop them jumping in with both feet. Fingers crossed they get their own back. At least a bit!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 9 on 9/21/2005
I had to admit I cringed at the idea of Elrin using the terms, although what he was saying I have no idea. Was he saying anything? Have the words become nonsense or morphed into other words?

What counts as "bad words" is kind of arbitrary I guess. There was a big article in the New York Times Science section yesterday about words that used to be considered swear words -- gosh, golly, rascal, criminy, drat. Now they're not. And I read this mystery once that written by an English writer. The central character went to the US and used the term "bloody" to a telephone operator when she was annoyed. The operator got offended, which made me laugh, since no one in the US is going to hear that term as meaning anything other than covered in gore. Interesting.

Author Reply: I think that Elrin and the twinlets are close enough to Elladan and Elrohir that they might be among the few who are actually using recognisable phrases. Although they are also the ones who will be relatively easy to cure. A simple explanation - and they will be far too embarrassed to use such phrases again. (Or at the very least they will know better than to repeat them anywhere they might be caught.)

Slang / bad language is fascinating - and it morphs so quickly. And it's not only confusing internationally, but between age groups and regions. By golly. It's quite difficult to know what to avoid at times - the relative awfulness of terms is incomprehensible at times.

There's a series of advertisements by some bank or other about local customs and gestures - and how they have totally different meanings in different parts of the world, so that something innocuous in one culture can be quite offensive in another. Or just mean the opposite.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 9 on 9/21/2005
Good ideas, but I find myself feeling as if there is more to come....

Author Reply: I'm afraid so. At least three more parts. Because they're already done (almost). And I'm not sure that's the end - but it's close.

Thank you.

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 9 on 9/21/2005
I think that Legolas has the right of it - the Twons don't need to plot more on this one but I suspect they will anyway! And to even consider stirring up the Valar to an argument amongst themselves is awesome writing.

Author Reply: Perhaps Legolas will be able to help redirect their thought. Or maybe not.

It would be interesting to know what Aule thinks of the elven use of Khuzdul. I picture him as quite a boisterous sort of Vala - so perhaps he can see the joke. Perhaps.

Thank you - there will be more soon.

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