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Discretion  by Bodkin 14 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 11 on 9/27/2005
Somehow managed to miss this one. A lovely expression of deviousness on both sides. Oh, their grandmother knows how to play upon the sympathies of her grandsons.

Author Reply: And the twins, like Glorfindel are soft-hearted when it comes to ellyth. Even ellyth as dangerous as their daernaneth.

I can't imagine that the Khuzdul mix-up crossed their minds more often than once every couple of centuries - it could easily get overlooked! And wangling assistance from Daernaneth to catch Glorfindel out - worth more than forgiving this oversight!

KittyReviewed Chapter: 11 on 9/26/2005
Oh yes, let them team up with Galadriel against Glorfindel! I want so much a bit success for the twins! And if I remember correctly, they were at a journey with Glorfindel, when they learned the questionable phrases. So *he* ist to blame in the first place!

Author Reply: Well, if anyone can wangle Galadriel's co-operation, it should be her grandsons. And perhaps she might be able to convince them to be subtle rather than headstrong.

Glorfindel really is the only 'elder' they would feel able to challenge. I hope they manage to make an impression - but he is wily as a fox (and proud of it). He won't let them get him if he can help it.

Two more bits coming soon!

TithenFeredirReviewed Chapter: 11 on 9/26/2005
Mmmm. E2 are a bit too confident, in my opinion, taking on Glorfindel. Correction, I think they're NUTS! We'll see. I'm expecting Glorfindel to elegantly make mincemeat of them, but I suppose anything could happen... ~TF

Author Reply: It's a dangerous game, but if they've got Galadriel playing on their team they might just get away with something. Maybe. For a while. If he lets them. We'll have to see what happens. (Although this has GOT to stop soon before it drives everyone insane!)

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 11 on 9/26/2005
This chapter had a bit of a sad note. Hopefully, though, the twins have a clearer picture of why their grandparents allowed them to make fools of themselves. And the explanation was one the twins could understand. They suffered their mother's absence too.

But...but Glorfindel? They're going to 'attempt' to torment the balrog slayer? They'll be as easy to swat as flies. Still...sounds like fun. Count me in!

I'll be ready for the next installment when you are,


Author Reply: It was such a dreadful time for all of them - but it's in the past now. And it's not as if the twins went round yelling ridiculous statements in Khuzdul all the time! So probably no-one thought about it for whole centuries at a time!

Glorfindel really is the only member of the group of elders available for retaliation. Trying to get him will be dangerous, but probably not lethal. And they've got Galadriel batting for them. But I don't think they've got what it takes to hook the golden elf's feet from under him. Not unless he lets them.

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 11 on 9/26/2005
Ooh wicked, twins, wicked. Emotional blackmail used on Galadriel?! Now, will she cave in - can't wait to see.

Author Reply: They are her grandsons - and if she can be won over by anyone, it's probably them. And Galadriel might just decide they're entitled to a little payback. But will she keep Glorfindel from retaliating? It remains to be seen!

EllieReviewed Chapter: 11 on 9/25/2005
Ooooooo. Those sneaky coniving scheming little so and so's. I can't wait to see what they coem up with and from wom they extract this information. Too funny!

Author Reply: Galadriel might just be convinced that they deserve to have the upper hand - for a while. I wonder just what she will consider suitable information, though? And how Glorfindel will take her betrayal?

perellethReviewed Chapter: 11 on 9/25/2005
It ate my review yesterday, as I feared, and now I'm three chapters back! I loved to see E2 fully recovered in their self-esteem and plotting, and LEgolas rueing the day he opened his mouth, seen that now the evil authoress plans to send him in confernce with Lord AulĖ himself! That was hilariousm as it was seeing the twins plotting and schemeing with their particular sense of revenge and fairness, for, of ocurse, they would never blame thteir mother, partly out of gallantry and partly, I'd say because they truly know who's master in their own business... But the scene with Celebrķan was truly sweet, and it is good that they can look back and see that there are good and bad memories shared in ME...

And now grandmum and the most powerful attack force has been assembled , and poor Glorfindel shall not have the slightest chance of survival with these scheming minds. Retaliation with such powerful allies is going to be a nice show! I'm expectant! :-)

Author Reply: My review replying got munched, too, so I gave up for a while.

E2 deserve a moment of glory, I think - and Glorfindel is the only possible victim. (I can't see him taking it without fighting back though - and Legolas is bound to be included in his revenge.)

Neither E2L nor Glorfindel would consider including Celebrian in their vengeance - I think they have old-fashioned protective gentlemanly values towards ellyth. With the possible exception of Galadriel - although they would need treatment if they were daft enough to take her on.

Thank you. More soon!

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 11 on 9/25/2005
Now, that was clever! Getting Daernaneth on their side like that. ;) However, honestly it was done. Heh!

Nice little references to past events.

Ah yes, instead of getting clearer, the plot thickens...

Love it!/I>

Author Reply:

How can Daernaneth resist? She owes them on this - but she's not one to give away more than she wants to!

I can't help but think of C and G in Lothlorien - but of course they weren't there through the twins' youth. (I wonder if the twins and Arwen used to go to visit them - at the seaside, maybe!)

A simple plot. Hopefully ending in three. It could go together - but each section has to be only two pages. And there's only so much you can say in two pages! Thank you.

Rose SaredReviewed Chapter: 11 on 9/25/2005
Oh yes! Glorfy baiting, but how do they think they would ever win? You do not get to be perfect by being unaware or unprepared. Heh. Looking forward to the next installment already.

Author Reply: They're taking advice from Galadriel. Maybe that will help. Or maybe not! But they are looking for that tiny crack in his armour to give them a way in. Will they find it? Will Galadriel point them in the right direction? I can't see her betraying too much - but you never know.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 11 on 9/25/2005
So Celebrķan, and now Galadriel, are forgiven their part in the Great Joke. I think I can accept Galadriel's reasoning, and certainly to have told E2 in the wake of their mother's attack would *not* have gone down well.

I now have high hopes for the success of the twins' revenge - Galadriel knows names, and will tell. Glorfindel had better look out!

Author Reply: It's not as if the Joke played a very big part in any of their lives. They probably didn't think about it for centuries.

The twins have got a very important person on their side here. If Galadriel cannot give them the inside information, she knows an elf who can! But just how much will she reveal?

(This has to come to an end. Three more bits. Probably.)

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