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With Hope  by AfterEver
'Then Aragorn, being now the Heir of Isildur, was taken with his mother to dwell in the house of Elrond...' Beginning in the year 2935, this is their story -- and a continuation of 'Last Hope', by the same author. Features Elrond, Elladan, Elrohir, Glorfindel, Elf/Ranger OCs, and a view of an elvish realm through human eyes, courtesy of Gilraen.
Status: In Progress
Chapter Prologue: Prologue1
Chapter  1: Part One - Chapter One1
Chapter  2: Part One - Chapter Two2
Chapter  3: Part Two - Chapter One5
Chapter  4: Part Two - Chapter Two3
Chapter  5: Part Three - Chapter One4
Chapter  6: Part Three - Chapter Two1
Chapter  7: Part Three - Chapter Three1
Chapter  8: Part Four - Chapter One1
Chapter  9: Part Four - Chapter Two1
Chapter 10: Part Five - Chapter One1
Chapter 11: Part Five - Chapter Two1
Chapter 12: Part Six - Chapter One1
Chapter 13: Part Six - Chapter Two1
Chapter 14: Part Six - Chapter Three3

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