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As the Gentle Rain  by Lindelea
Angst Warning. The Travellers return to Gondor for a visit, revisiting old haunts, stirring old memories, encountering old wonders and old dangers, and new ones. Complete: final chapter added.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Making Preparations2
Chapter  2: News from the Northland4
Chapter  3: Change in Store1
Chapter  4: Breaking Storm4
Chapter  5: Into the Storm4
Chapter  6: Blind Faith3
Chapter  7: Stirring the Embers6
Chapter  8: To Sing for His Supper3
Chapter  9: In the Deep of the Night3
Chapter 10: Until the Morning Light2
Chapter 11: Just past Dawn4
Chapter 12: Awakenings3
Chapter 13: Catching their Deaths4
Chapter 14: Healers' Care4
Chapter 15: The Road Goes Ever On5
Chapter 16: Forget-Me-Not4
Chapter 17: Of Warm Milk and Honey3
Chapter 18: Just Before Teatime4
Chapter 19: Healing Begins7
Chapter 20: If the Shoe Fits...2
Chapter 21: Not about to Fall Apart3
Chapter 22: Great Expectations3
Chapter 23: To Be Meeting Once Again6
Chapter 24: Reflections of the Past4
Chapter 25: Reminders and Remembrances5
Chapter 26: Truth or Dare10
Chapter 27: Burning Truth5
Chapter 28: No Smoke without Fire4
Chapter 29: Food by Firelight6
Chapter 30: Ruffians, All4
Chapter 31: Ulrich's Tale5
Chapter 32: Make New Friends3
Chapter 33: Hangings3
Chapter 34: The Lockholes of Gondor6
Chapter 35: Time and Talk3
Chapter 36: Trial by Jury7
Chapter 37: To Market, To Market3
Chapter 38: Closing the Barn Door after the Ponies are Gone3
Chapter 39: Rag, Tag and Barrel7
Chapter 40: Finders Keepers5
Chapter 41: Into the Dawn5
Chapter 42: Thoughts of Hearth and Home3
Chapter 43: Slipping Away5
Chapter 44: The Rising of a New Song6
Chapter 45: A Model of Patience4
Chapter 46: Slow but Steady8
Chapter 47: The Two Shall Be as One5
Chapter 48: In the Bargain8
Chapter 49: Captured3
Chapter 50: A Murderer's Lot5
Chapter 51: Into Eternity5
Chapter 52: The Quality of Mercy6
Chapter 53: Homecoming12
Chapter Author's Notes: Notes for the Interested, or Merely Confused6

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