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Hunting  by Nilmandra
Nine year old Legolas is learning to track and hunt in the safety of the realm of his father, King Thranduil; while across the Anduin in the High Pass of the Misty Mountains, a patrol from Imladris is tracking and hunting a large party of Orcs descending from the north. Adventures occur as realms collide.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Character List2
Chapter  1: Tracking12
Chapter  2: Brothers8
Chapter  3: Surprises9
Chapter  4: Journeys10
Chapter  5: The Land of the Wood Elves13
Chapter  6: From mighty warriors to an elfling's captives12
Chapter  7: In the Halls of the Wood Elf King8
Chapter  8: Challenges10
Chapter  9: Win, Lose, Draw14
Chapter 10: Warriors at Play12
Chapter 11: Going Home19

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