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Hunting  by Nilmandra 8 Review(s)
Orophins DottirReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/25/2004
". . .jumping on to the tops of his brotherís feet and holding his hands up to the tall elf. Bregolas picked him up and swung him through the air, and then sat down on a nearby bench with Legolas beside him." You are making me very fond of the the family of Thranduil.

Also, Glorfindel and the twins. No one, I see, can escape the "elfling" monikor from this ancient elf. We are all so young compared to his two lifetimes!

Do we get bells in this one?

rgbjReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/20/2004
It is a little hard to track your target if they already know you are there. The squirrel probably knows Legolas very well by now.
Goody, a camping trip. When I was young I really liked them. My knees are too far gone now. At least elves don't have to worry about body parts wearing out. That thought is amazing isn't it?
Legolas is being so good. He used his indoor voice and was very polite. The baby kicks now and yes I am sure Rawien already has felt that. Such excitement for an elfling and he can't wait to share with ada that the baby does somersaults. It does feel that way sometimes. I do wonder when he will figure out he had a naneth that carried him around for a year and he lost her to men. Ouch factor here.
That was a smooth move on ada's part to keep Legolas from sharing his dirt from under the bush with him.
I don't like to even think of the damage an elfling could do with a stray sword or even a dagger for that matter. Good, he now has to ask ada's permission to touch the sword.
Cooperative is a good word. Big Bird says so. Also communication. We learned that in early childhood and it always worked for us.
Lathron with Legolas the little leech. Such alliteration. As soon as Legolas said he was as tired as Lathorn I knew he was headed for Lathron's room. He really missed Lathron.
From ada's viewpoint, Legolas' heart is so easily read, we all knew what he was up to. I am sure they watch him with such loving eyes and hearts.
I am glad you brought up Elanath in the patrol and Elumeril and her tapesty work. We can't leave them out of this story.
And Thranduil feeling content after all this time. Children make so much in life worthwhile. He has a better perspective now and can stay the course.
Back to serious orc death. Elrohir has excellent timing for an elfling.
Nice battle scene, just enough gore and not too much. No loss of that leg or anything.
Aah. The lead orc on some sort of mission. With a readers' prescience I predict it will impact Mirkwood. Just a wild guess here and I can't wait.
Nice chapter. Fluffy Legolas, lots of family love and serious orc death. Can't beat that. I look forward to your new chapter.

Author Reply: Thanks for your comments - it will be interesting to see when Legolas really questions about his mother. I am sort of thinking when Tathiel's baby is born it will occur to him to ask. Poor thing. But, the reason he has so many loving siblings is because I felt such guilt over taking his naneth away. :(

eokatReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/17/2004
Have just started to read this story and to make sense of it had to go and read the previous two, which I thought were quite outstanding, very moving and very well written, I enjoyed them immensel. I don't normally go for Legolas stories, [Eomer being my favourite], but I do have an inkling for Thranduil, and could get unneccesary over him also. Any way look forward to more chapters in the future.

Author Reply: Oh, we were just discussing that! My Legolas stories do build on each other, and it is much to ask someone to go read them in order. Thank you for taking the time to do so! I am glad you liked them.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/14/2004
This is another nice chapter - I'm glad you have the twins AND Legolas in this story! No doubt they will meet at some stage? It's good to see Elrohir such a competant warrior - he's made a good recovery. I like the continuation of Glorfindel calling him an 'elfling' - and that Elrohir has accepted it. And I'm glad Glorfindel has Elrohir going with the patrol to find Elladan.


Author Reply: I hope the twins come across as mature warriors in this story. They will have some fun too, but I have to remind myself that they are 2300+ years here vs only 120 or so in HLII. Those differences are so amazing to think about.

nanethReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/14/2004
An update from you and a new story from Daw on the same day...I am so very, very happy!!!

I can't decide which brother of Legolas I like the most. They are all so wonderful! Just when I'm sure that it's Bregolas, I think it must be Lathron, but wait, Celebrinduil is pretty special, too. You have created such a wonderful family for Legolas and we get the joy of reading about them all!

Author Reply: Thank you, naneth. I think I love Lathron most of all - not that the others aren't great too, but Lathron is special.

LKKReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/14/2004
I loved little Legolas trying to track the all-knowing squirrel! So darling. His excitement over the upcoming trip with Bregolas was another joy. Legolas stopping to tell everyone he met including the guards amused me. Your elflings are always a delight, Nilmandra.

Loved Glorfindel's comment about not separating the twins when one of them might be in danger. He knows them so well. A very wise elf, that one. :-)

Great chapter!


Author Reply: I love writing elflings! They are delightful and I think adult elves doted on their children and loved these years. Thanks for your nice words!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/14/2004
This is so good! In Mirkwood, everything is domestic happiness, which I like. Legolas is so cute. He is such a cheerful, resilient little thing. Ada has his hands full, I think.

And then the Imladris part is very exciting. I like seeing the competent, adult twins and got excited along with Elrohir when he realized that the warriors had waited for him to go after Elladan.

Author Reply: I have noticed that Thranduil is very specific in making boundaries for Legolas. Something tells me a little certain someone must have pushed them a few times :D Big twins are fun to write too - they are even so different now than they are in HLII.

KarriReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/13/2004
Ah! So it is Legolas who will wander out of the garden, though with permission. Oi! This has the potential for much angst. I'm looking forward to it (even if it doesn't develop into angst ;-) It was nice to see how Elumeril has developed and more interaction with Legolas and his sibling now that he has settled in. Its nice to, also, that he is still find of the warriors that helped bring him home.

Author Reply: Little Legolas is just the most happy go lucky little kid - actually a better behaved version of a certain little nephew of mine :D Not sure how much angst there will be...but I think it will be fun. A little fluff, a little angst :D

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