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Elanor Silmariën

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Story Favorites
bullet Unlikely Comfort by shirebound Last Updated: 8/17/2003
Between Moria and Lórien, Legolas and Aragorn help Frodo through the shock of Gandalf's death. The healing doesn't stop there, however, as before the group reaches Lórien, bonding and healing have taken place throughout the Fellowship, in quite unexpected ways. (AU, in that the distance between Moria and Lórien is slightly greater than in canon, and, as the story begins, neither Frodo nor Sam were hurt in Moria; therefore, the mithril shirt is still a secret.)
Rating: PG Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 9 Published: 8/17/2003
bullet Avalanche by shirebound Last Updated: 8/7/2003
An avalanche on Caradhras leaves Frodo hurt and Pippin in shock. The Company tries to help Pippin regain his shattered courage, but it is Frodo who finds the key. Meanwhile, Boromir seeks to understand his place in the Fellowship, and Legolas learns that he has made an unusual connection to the Ring-bearer.
Rating: G Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 19 Published: 8/7/2003
bullet Quarantined by shirebound Last Updated: 7/25/2003
Late one night, Gandalf brings a very ill Ranger to the closest refuge, Bag End, knowing that Bilbo is immune to this illness -- but Gandalf is unaware that a tweenager is now living there. An AU look at Frodo's early life with Bilbo; how he met Gandalf; and the "chance meeting" which inspired Aragorn's dedication to the safeguarding of the Shire.
Rating: G Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 20 Published: 7/24/2003
bullet In the Keeping of the King by shirebound Last Updated: 7/24/2003
Frodo awakens at Cormallen to discover that Gandalf is still alive... and so is he. With Frodo caught between joy and shock, Aragorn and Gandalf ponder what has been won -- and what may have been lost.
Rating: G Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 5 Published: 7/23/2003
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