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Discretion  by Bodkin 12 Review(s)
RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 13 on 9/28/2005
Goodness gracious, every line of this chapter is a gem! The writing makes this episode just sparkle.

Glad to hear that Nimloth was not coached and is merely clever. So, it takes the ellyth to be grown-ups and keep things from getting out of hand, does it?

I wonder if Glorfy still uses the thumb-sucking thing as a remedy for insomnia. ;) Hmm, I also wonder if it was an also youthful Idril for whom he demonstrated his budding lingual aplomb? Warriors do have a tendency be unbridled in expressing their admiration of a lady's assets as well as their frustration at unwanted annoyances.

But for now, revenge is theirs and they are happy and that's nice.

Next is last... :(

Author Reply: I'm glad you enjoyed it - I was rather worried that the stories wouldn't be too exciting.

Elrohir wouldn't coach Nimloth - what a bad example that would be for an elfling who can be difficult at the best of times! - but he might have suggested that she greet her Daeradar and Glorfindel. Just in case she came out with something that would nudge Glorfindel into worrying a little.

Ahh - the image of mighty warrior and all-round shiny elf Glorfindel sucking his thumb! Maybe that is why he's never married. Teaching cuss words to an equally young Idril! That would be entertaining. Perhaps he did. And was caught by Elenwe - who was shocked, thus sending Turgon into overdrive.

This is a good moment for the twins. They feel in control. Which is just what they need after the recent revelations.

Thank you. I'm now off to post the last part!

DotReviewed Chapter: 13 on 9/28/2005
‘If he did not taste good enough for a Balrog to finish, he will certainly not be tasty enough for us.’ ROTFL!! That has to be one of the best lines I’ve come across. By the way, where does Glorfindel live now? I may have missed that in your stories somewhere…

I knew Nimloth wasn’t coached. Although, I’d say they may have conveniently let her hear just enough that if she let it slip, then… all the better!

Ok, they have to keep Celebrían out of it. I suppose she can’t really help Glorfindel (Valar help them if she did!) after her role in her sons’ embarrassment but she certainly could put a stop to it all.

Legolas is right that Glorfindel will probably presume he’s involved. And they’re probably all a little annoyed at young Thranduilion. Except Celeborn, who’s mightily impressed with the way he spoke to his wife!

The Glorfindel stories are hilarious. It’ll be very odd if he’s ever reunited with his family. Asfaloth!! LOL. Although, I do feel bad about the dreams of fire and cold :-( But these tales are perfect for a night with the family in Elrond’s Hall of Fire/Air/Stories/Family/Whatever.

'We are rank amateurs, my friend. But amateurs with connections in high places.' Amateurs? I think not! But their connections are certainly useful! Still, I imagine it’s only so long that Glorfindel can wait before he has to take matters into his own hands. I’m just wondering who’s going to be most satisfied by the outcome! :-)

Author Reply: Where does Glorfindel live. H'mm. (Smiles blankly.) He's roaming a lot. And he spends quite a lot of time in Elrond's house, which is the place he leaves his possessions. So I suppose that is what he considers his home. But he is also spending a lot of time visiting a variety of people from his past.

Elrohir is not foolhardy enough to coach Nimloth deliberately. But a 'Go and greet your Daeradar', might have crossed his lips - while he hoped that she would come out with what was on her mind. Aewlin probably would have thought twice before speaking. She is more tactful. Usually.

E2 know how far Celebrian would let them go - and they are themselves averse to cruelty. They won't mention Glorfindel's heart-wrenching dreams, for instance, although they will happily talk of the thumb-sucking. And tell piggy stories.

Poor Legolas. He started this with the best of motives and has found himself wallowing in quicksand. But at least he has established himself as an adult in the eyes of Celeborn and Galadriel. Which their grandsons might never achieve.

There's only one more part - so Glorfindel can't do much to get his own back. At least, not here!

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 13 on 9/28/2005
Oh they are not amateurs--they are evil! They may not have coached Nimloth, but they know exactly what she was going to do and they set her up to dit it. And those smiles to make Glorfindel suffer--truly the best thing to do because you look crazy complaining that someone is smiling at you. And Legolas's dry-humour reaction to all this just kills me.

How long did he leave us in ignorance of the meaning of that Khuzdul nonsense he consented to our learning? Some three millennia, was it not? An age of the sun? Do you not think that calls for rather more than a week or two of torment?’

Ignorance is not a state to be envied,’
Great lines!

And their retelling of the stories they heard! Very well told. This was hilarious, Bodkin. I almost feel sorry for Glorfindel. Almost. ;-)

Author Reply: How do you fight back against someone who is smiling at you? It's such a clever way to work. Not that it will work for ever - but I don't think the twins have got it in them to hold a grudge for too long. Except against orcs, of course, but that's understandable.

Elrohir was delighted with Nimloth - but too wary to let Sirithiel see it. And he doesn't want Glorfindel thinking that his daughter is fair game.

I wonder if the twins have noticed that the only stories they have learned are childhood follies . . . and if it will occur to them that there might be so much more to know.

Thank you. This is drawing to an end now - just one more part.

perellethReviewed Chapter: 13 on 9/28/2005
A simple smile. HAd the Balrog known! They´re evil indeed. Now the High Command's overseeing the operations! And they dare say they "twisted" their grandmother´s arm....
Anyway, Legolas is,again, at the worst available position... A vacation is in order for him....

Author Reply: I can just imagine a squad of Balrogs, defeating their elven opponents with the knowing flash of several sets of sharp teeth. Perhaps the High Command would have been better known as the Court of Appeal. Celebrian will frown disapprovingly at her sons if she thinks they are being cruel - and they will listen.

If anyone can display bravado in the face of the Lady of the Golden Wood, (apart from Celeborn), it has to be her grandsons. She won't have let her daughter get away with it - but grandchildren have a very special position in their grandparents' affections.

Poor Legolas. And he started this off with the very best of motives!

Nearly finished now.

KittyReviewed Chapter: 13 on 9/28/2005
Yes, that's it! How unsettling a simple smile can be! And it is *so* good to know a bit about Glorfindels not so glorious moments! What a fun!

Author Reply: Very disconcerting to be smiled at. And how can anyone take exception to people appearing delighted to see you?

Glorfindel's not so sure that he wants to have less glorious moments seen - but then he has a much better idea than anyone else of just how many inglorious moments he has endured.

Glad you are enjoying it. Nearly finished now!

TithenFeredirReviewed Chapter: 13 on 9/28/2005
This is all the better for me since I was sure Glorfindel would make short work of the twins if they tried anything. Instead you have them worrying him to a shadow of himself wondering exactly what it is they've got on him. It's an elegant scheme. I think maybe right now Glorfindel could do with a nice glass of strong wine and his "Asfaloth". This was fun, Bodkin! Thanks for a good read. ~TF

Author Reply: Does the fact that he's worried suggest that there is something he wouldn't want revealed? Other than his thumb-sucking, of course? Glorfindel thinks the suggestion of a bottle or two of New World Dorwinion would be just the job. Although he's not so sure about the other suggestion.

I'm glad you're enjoying it - only one more part to go!

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 13 on 9/28/2005
Rank amateurs, my foot. The sons of Elrond...and Celebrian...have the goods and now all they have to do is smile. That knowing look is much more effective at this point than spilling the beans. A little psychological warfare. I fear Legolas is right; Glorfindel will assume he's in on the game whether he is or not. I'd want to know too what the scoop is if the chances are I'm going to suffer for it no matter what.

Glorfindel sucking his thumb. Ah...sweet little balrog slayer. He's going to be mortified!! And then...the twins and their little blond buddy will be checking to see if there's room at Mandos's Inn.

I'm looking forward to seeing what sort of counterattack Glorfindel comes up with. I have a feeling that he's not one to be trifled with. There's a devious streak under that cool exterior.


Author Reply: But do they have all the goods? Was Galadriel playing her cards close to her chest? Did she lose one trick to gain the hand? (All card-playing metaphors dodgy, since I don't play.)

Glorfindel might be worrying about the possible revelation of matters much more serious than thumb-sucking! But what he is going to do about it all . . . remains to be seen. He has a very devious streak beneath his obvious perfection - but whether he will employ it. Maybe the twins have given him the way to take the perfect revenge.

This has been such fun. I'm almost sorry there's only one more part!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 13 on 9/28/2005
LOL. Very clever, Bodkin. Poor Glorfindel. Are they going to tell those stories to anyone other than Legolas? Or just make Glorfindel think they are? I felt bad about the dreams of fire.

Author Reply: Well, if they tell too many people, knowing the stories will lose their effect. Maybe Elrohir will allow a controlled release of certain snippets. The thumb-sucking, maybe. A reference here or there to Glorfindel's first horse called Asfaloth. A few judicious sniffs and glances.

But the foreshadowing dreams are the sort of thing that would touch their hearts and soften their desire to retaliate - so maybe they won't make Glorfindel suffer for too long.

Last part coming! This is turning into the second longest one-part story ever!

Author Reply: By the way - the Adventure in the Water changed to feature Wallowing in Pig Products. Probably even more cringe-making for the impeccable elf!

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 13 on 9/28/2005
I'm glad the twins are getting so much pleasure out of tormenting Glorfindel. They deserve it - and so does he. But *please* be careful with laugh-out-loud lines like this: 'If he did not taste good enough for a Balrog,' - it needs a coffee warning!

I'm a little disappointed that Elrohir didn't deliberately set Nimloth on Glorfindel - but I can quite understand why. In any case, Nimloth is crafty enough to work it out for herself.

I like the tales of Glorfindel's childhood - but his foreshadowing dreams of fire and ice were sad. Like the thumb-sucking, though! The twins should be fairly safe from similar revenge - those around them know most of their embarrassing elfling tales already!

Author Reply: You liked the line? The twins are pleased. And they have discovered that revenge doesn't have to be pro-active. A few knowing grins and they have the Balrog-slayer twitching.

Sirithiel would have had Elrohir's ears if he had deliberately included Nimloth in his game. As it is, she and Miriwen are doing a bit of looking up and sighing over it. But Nimloth - and Aewlin, who can be even more devious - are learning. Perhaps their Adars should bear that in mind!

The foreshadowing dreams are probably enough to soften the twins' hearts. But the thumb-sucking! And the pig-dung! They feel entitled to a little enjoyment. And you are quite right - Glorfindel is only vulnerable here because he has kept all knowledge of his past hidden to enhance his super-shiny exterior. The twins are known to be flawed and happily admit to having made mistakes - some of them huge - and even their children have some knowledge of their follies.

Thank you. One more part!

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 13 on 9/28/2005
Rank Amateurs? - indeed not! Just amateurs who haven't had quite as many milenia to practise as some others!

Author Reply: It must sometimes be difficult to be the offspring of Elrond and Celebrian's houses - you must feel that you can never measure up to your ancestors. And then the twins abandoned diplomacy and went off orc-slaying as rather unsubtle warriors. But they have potential! (Much like Nimloth.)

Thank you. One more part!

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