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Discretion  by Bodkin 14 Review(s)
Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 12 on 9/27/2005
Glorfindel is getting rattled - I'm so glad! I think the physcological torture of wondering what the twins are planning will be even more effective than their eventual revenge.

'The twins have been smiling at me, Elrond.' Elrond's right - it is ominous. And did Elrohir deliberately set Nimloth on poor Glorfindel? That really *is* cunning.

Now, I just hope that the twins' cunning plan has rather more success than Baldrick's!

Author Reply: Now, if the twins just realise that they don't need a plan - they just need to keep Glorfindel fretting that their scheme is still secret! Clever - and difficult to respond to.

Nimloth? Would Elrohir do that?

One thing I can promise you. There will be no turnips harmed in the execution of this plot.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 12 on 9/27/2005
This one was full of funny lines that made me laugh even though it's before 6 am: the ominous fact that the twins are "smiling," the idea of Glorfindel teaching "low cunning," Elfrond's advice to be "very afraid" of Galadriel, and his assurance that she would "do her worst" if she wanted to.

But I also have to admit there's something really appealing about Glorfindel having "authority" over the twins. I don't know why. I think it's because it speaks of Glorfindel's capabilities and his, for want of a better word, presence. He's an elf who's hard to ignore. :-)

it became increasingly difficult to come up with ways of describing it as time passed.

Now there's a writer's lament. I have trouble with "the area around Thranduil's stronghold," which neither Tolkien nor I have named.

Author Reply: I think the anticipation will be the worst for Glorfindel. And he must know that Galadriel is in the position to do him the most harm - if she wants to. She's even older and wilier than he is. And he is handicapped in retaliating to anything she does, because he has old-fashioned Southern gentleman characteristics.

Glorfindel was there for the twins raising - and was closely involved in training them and setting them on the path to warriorhood. He is their Captain, I suppose, even though they have long since been in authority themselves. And they - well, everybody - respond to his presence.

It is difficult naming some things - sometimes you just don't feel entitled to do it - and other times it's just plain impossible to come up with something good. I've just realised that those new realms of theirs need names more imaginative than New Imladris or the New Hall of Fire. And it's hard enough naming people! (Although sometimes a name just feels right straight from the beginning. Like Thranduil's daughter. If she ever gets round to being born.)

Two more bits and I'm stopping this!

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 12 on 9/27/2005
Yes Be afraid Glorindel, be very afraid! I actually feel sorry for him and perhaps Elrond too. Who knows who the aftermath of this will splash.
*happy grin!*

Author Reply: The aftermath won't splash too many in this tale - only two more bits to go. Although I never know when spin-offs will strike!

But not knowing what is going on is undoubtedly far more worrying for Glorfindel than actually confronting one of the twins' convoluted schemes. Perhaps they are growing sneakier as they get older. (And Daernaneth's assistance should help!)

Thank you.

utfrog98Reviewed Chapter: 12 on 9/27/2005
LOVE IT, love it! What a wonderful way to begin a day. I cannot wait to "hear" the stories of Glorfindel's less glorious moments. THANK YOU

Author Reply: Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm not sure how many of Glorfindel's less glorious moments will be revealed. Probably not many. He is after all, so he tells me, the Perfect Elf.

More tomorrow.

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