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Discretion  by Bodkin 14 Review(s)
DotReviewed Chapter: 12 on 9/28/2005
*grin* Poor Glorfindel. There he was thinking well, it’s all the twins’ own fault really and their family should be giving them a much harder time by rights… and then he discovers that said twins have actually started smiling at him. As though he were at fault. I’m glad he has the sense to realise that they’re not to be dismissed lightly, although the fact that Galadriel has been consulted might have a little something to do with his apprehension! Even Glorfindel might not be a match for that particular lady.

I get the impression Elrond is rather enjoying this! Although, he’d want to be careful that they don’t decide to get a little revenge on him too. But for now he can sit back and enjoy the suspense. I wonder how quickly the twins will realise that they don’t really need much of a plan – all they have to do is smile!!

Nimloth is brilliant! There’s no way she could have been coached that well! Hilarious. She’d make a fine politician. I can’t wait to see what comes of this :-)

Author Reply: Smiling - what a revenge! And there is so little he can do to counter it. And I would imagine that he has enough secret moments to wonder what they have found out. Galadriel (at her age!) must have more knowledge of Glorfindel's past than most.

Elrond is entertained. I think he feels fairly safe - at the moment. After all, who is there from whom the secrets of his past can be discovered?

Ah, Nimloth. So like her own dear andaernaneth. If she can get over her bull-headed honesty, politics would suit her very well!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 12 on 9/27/2005
The idea of Glorfindel wanting to flee EASTWARD--that is absolutely priceless, particularly if Galadriel takes a hand in the mischief!

Author Reply: Glorfindel has a good sense of self-preservation. And distance is one way of keeping safe!

Galadriel has been put in the situation of answering a request she cannot refuse. But you can't get much wilier than she is!

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 12 on 9/27/2005
*Snort!* What an opening line! This chapter was hilarious! Smiling! If his apprehension is all the revenge they get, it is indeed well done. ;)

Heh! You bring up the dilemma of properly naming something brand new. Good luck with that! Character names are hard enough. Do try to avoid getting too Entish about it, though.

But, the denouement is coming... *darn*

Author Reply: Apprehension can be the very best revenge of all. I wonder how long they could smile before Glorfindel cracked? And getting him to demand that they tell him what they know could be the best revenge of all - demonstrating that they are now players in the game.

Names are bad - even passing characters that you can't just call that elf any more, but it's so tempting just to call the new realms by the names of the old - but I'm sure they wouldn't be that unoriginal. Occasionally you get a name that just seems right from the moment it occurs to you. Aewlin worked for me - and Thranduil's as yet unborn, unnamed daughter's name. Others took ages to settle in. I had to look up Elrohir's wife's name for months, because I just couldn't remember it.

Two more!

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 12 on 9/27/2005
‘The twins have been smiling at me, Elrond.’ ‘That is indeed ominous.’ ROTFL! Galadriel did tell them stories! And Elrond's commentary on it (Be afraid) just killed me. I love little Nimloth tipping them off. Whatever the twins learned, it must be bad. I love this story, Bodkin.

Author Reply: Unknown threats - far more torment than facing up to your fears! Perhaps there are enough shady moments in Glorfindel's past to get him really worried. Perhaps it doesn't really matter what E2 know - as long as Glorfindel has his own concerns.

He might even be relieved when he hears the stories.

Thank you. Two more parts - and I'm drawing a line under it before it gets too far away from the core plot point.

Rose SaredReviewed Chapter: 12 on 9/27/2005
Oh no! the anticipation! Waiting for the other shoe to drop with baited breath.

Author Reply: Two more parts. Then this one chapter spin-off from one of the Reflections will have to end. It risks becoming as long as that if it doesn't wind up soon. Of course, spin-offs from the spin-offs are always possible!

Will the twins manage to torture Glorfindel? Will Galadriel release controlled information from the elven CIA? Will Glorfindel retaliate? Answers soon!

(How's Gimli doing?)

GlorfindelReviewed Chapter: 12 on 9/27/2005
*Glorfindel enters the airy room aka Hall of Fire and sits in his accustomed place, where he can see all and be seen by all. He smiles as Elrond's granchildren surround him, taking the youngest up on to his lap. Elrohir's twins look upon him with questioning eyes, and Glorfindel is pleased to see the sparks of cunning and wile shone brightly in them.*

"Glorfindel, you have known our adars their whole lives, Daeradar for most of his and you even knew Andaernaneth before she crossed the seas," said Nimloth on behalf of her twin and cousins.

"I have," acknowledged Glorfindel.

"My adar says he and his twin were far less trouble than we are, and Daeradar said that might be true, but that he and his twin were much better behaved than our adars. To this our Andaernaneth laughed, but then King Finarfin suggested she speak softly lest her own childhood haunt her."

"What is your point, child?" asked the golden one, and though he did not look up he knew that the adults of the House of Elrond watched him carefully.

"You must know all of their secrets. Tell us a story, Glorfindel!"

Be very careful what you send you children to ask for

Author Reply: Oh, brilliant. A story on its own. And so, so likely. Elrin is a nice kid - but you are so right. Just let the twinlets spot how this game is played and they'll be in there. And Elladan and Elrohir wouldn't even see their destiny approaching until it tapped them on the shoulder.

When you come to think of it, if Galadriel and Elrond, plus Celeborn and Celebrian are allowing Glorfindel to take the fall on this, there's no reason why he can't release a bit of controlled information.

I just love the way you have expressed this - all of it - but somehow the bit that curls my toes with delight is 'King Finarfin suggested she speak softly lest her own childhood haunt her.' It stirs up such wonderful images.

There are two more bits of this coming - and then I think this will stop. Not, of course, that that precludes something else starting!

Thank you, Glorfindel, for revealing that the secrets of that evening!

EllieReviewed Chapter: 12 on 9/27/2005
nice tension we are building. Glorfy is outmanned and outgunned. what will happen next? too funny. can't wait...

Author Reply: Poor Glorfindel. I think the twins just smiling at him is probably the wickedest revenge they could take. He will just get more and more wound up, wondering what Galadriel and the twins have done to him!

Only two more bits to go!

TithenFeredirReviewed Chapter: 12 on 9/27/2005
Well, I love your Glorfindel and I'm rooting for him. Still, this little passage cracked me up:

"The tall golden elf smiled bravely. ‘She has nothing on me,’ he said defiantly, as his mind searched urgently back over uncounted centuries. ‘Let her do her worst.’"

It makes me think of a big old tomcat, so full of dignity but not entirely invunerable. And the twins have obviously been busy... ~TF

Author Reply: Thank you! Glorfindel is just soooo smooth and in control. You can't help rubbing your hands just a bit at the thought of his pedestal wobbling slightly. And he might be ancient and wily - but Galadriel is older and wilier still. Where she is concerned, too, Glorfindel is handicapped by his old-fashioned gentle-elfly prejudice against attacking ellyth.

Only two more parts to go!

perellethReviewed Chapter: 12 on 9/27/2005
LOL! Glorfindel may begin seeking refuge in Eressêa after this! The twins and Galadriel, and Celebrìan helping them is a terrible prospect! NOw children are expectant, and smug twins are a danger in themselves... and naneths of three generations have ther own reasons for wanting to meddle in this scheme..

All in all, I fear that Glorfindel would better go and ask Earendil for a lift :-)

Author Reply: A lift from Earendil - that's a great idea! And a parachute for the vertical bit at the end of the journey.

Or on the other hand . . . I don't think Galadriel - or Celebrian - would let the twins be too cruel to Glorfindel. They just need a bit of fun to re-establish their self-confidence. And tweak Glorfindel's tail.

Elrond will put his foot down. In the end. Maybe.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 12 on 9/27/2005
BTW, how about the 'Hall of Air' for the room where Elrond's family congregate in the evenings?

Author Reply: That's a good one. I was tempted just to repeat the Hall of Fire - but hopefully even elves wouldn't want to be that stick in the mud.

Their new realms need names, too, really. They surely wouldn't just call them New Imladris, New Lothlorien and New Lasgalen. It would be terribly unimaginative. But on the other hand, I can picture them taking several centuries to settle on a name. (No bother that delaying too long would mean that the Post Office won't know where to deliver the letters.) They'd have to get it right.

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