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The Tenth Walker  by Lindelea 699 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 112 on 3/20/2024
Love the description of Legolas speeding away to "find the Sun" and Bill's accompanying thoughts. Frodo changing what he'd intended to say to spare Sam's feelings is so in keeping with his empathic nature.

Author Reply: The picture of Legolas running over the top of the deep snow struck me in my first reading of LOTR, at age thirteen, and has stayed with me since. Elves can walk on top of snow? Astonishing. Even more so to Bill, I'm sure, weighed down and trapped by heavy snow as he was, watching the Men toiling below.

And you're right, Frodo has always seemed empathetic to me, perhaps part of what generated such fierce loyalty in his cousins to engage in their conspiracy to guard and protect him, even Freddy, who stayed behind and nearly gave his life in playing his part at Crickhollow.

Thanks for stopping to leave a good word. I am doing my best to finish the puppy story, in honour of two Giant Schnauzers now, both of them indelibly inked upon my heart. I don't think I'll be able to finish before Panda leaves us, but there isn't much left to the story, so I will keep working at it until the last chapter is posted. And then (sigh, but only because I am grieving, and fanfic is but a temporary respite at the moment), it will be time to pick up another WIP, either "Farry and Ferdi Go to Gondor", or a Farry-and-Goldi story, or (and I know you'll be glad to know this one is progressing) "Thain".

KathyGReviewed Chapter: 112 on 3/12/2024
Thanks. I'll pass your regards to Dreamflower.

Yahoo took down all the list serves, all the groups, several years ago, but some were moved to another server. I was hoping ours was one of them. Without a list serve, I see no way for any of us to be able to contact our administrators anymore, and we really need to be able to do that still. If we can't email them anymore, not only will we not be able to ask if they can fix it so that we will once more be able to receive email notifications of reviews and replies, but no new members will be able to join us as story authors, either.

Author Reply: Thank you.

I found something at IO, though no recent posts (last messages in 2023); would that be the one you're thinking about?

(((((hugs))))) to you and DF.

KathyGReviewed Chapter: 112 on 3/11/2024
And now, it's only a matter of time until they get off that mountain and head to Moria! First, though, they've got to fight off wargs.

Author Reply: All too soon, I'm afraid.

Glad to hear from you. *hugs*

(What is the SoA listserve? Did it replace the SoA Yahoo group? Or maybe it was a Google group? I've been away so long, I don't remember. I just know I belonged to a group. Sigh.)

Thanks so much for stopping to leave an encouraging word! Please convey my best regards to DF. I think of her often.

ErulisséReviewed Chapter: 112 on 3/10/2024
Awwww! What an awesome chapter. Bill is so cute and wholesome. I love the nicknames he has for everyone, they really match with their characters and add a cool layer of nuance. I eagerly await each new chapter as always! 😁❤️

Author Reply: Bill is a lovely character, according to the glimpses JRRT provided of him. He is also a product of the company he keeps (cute and wholesome Shire-folk, that is). Thanks so much for stopping to leave a word of encouragement and share the parts you like!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 112 on 3/10/2024
Bill's thoughts, while still jumbled and confused, are becoming so poetic. He really is growing and evolving, and will have so much to teach the many horses he will meet later in life... when he finally returns to an easy life in the lands of sweet grass.

Author Reply: That makes sense, considering the company he's keeping! An Elf, a Dwarf, two Men whose traditions stretch back generations, and Hobbits who often seem to be spouting a song or poem ('Won't somebody give us a bit of a song, while the sun is high?' said Merry, when they had finished. 'We haven't had a song or a tale for days...' Fellowship of the Ring). Not to mention his beloved Sam and Sam's 'bit of nonsense' under the shadow of the Trolls' legs, 'out of his own head' (according to Frodo), Frodo's lament for Gandalf in Lórien, and Sam's small addition about the Wizard's fireworks...

Author Reply: p.s. If you sometime once again find yourself struck by the yen to write a little something, I would beg for a glimpse of the fab foursome at Cormallen as comfort reading. To be clear, I am not laying any expectations on you, for you have provided so many good stories that are on my list to go back and revisit (and I must thank you again for sharing your wonderful work with the rest of us). Covid laid me low last month, and while I'm slowly getting better, the lingering lack of energy is (hah, lame play on words coming up) so tiresome.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 111 on 1/25/2024
Oh, but I love this, Lindelea. Love the idea that swimming is not mentioned in polite society within the Shire, and possibly by the Hobbits of Bree as well!

Your birthday present is posted, by the way! Take care and God bless.

Author Reply: I loved my birthday present! Thank you so much.

I suppose that Brandybucks have no problem talking about swimming, but then, you probably know what they say about Brandybucks (but not in polite company, of course!).

Hugs. I hope this note finds you well. Sorry if I sounded inebriated when you telephoned; just chalk it up to Covid brain. I'm getting better by fits and starts. Today, I feel as if I could sleep the day away. (But I'm hoping a nap will help so I can read some fanfic on my "want to read" list...)

God bless, and take care.

ErulisséReviewed Chapter: 111 on 1/15/2024
Oh man. This story is by far one of my favorites in fanfiction for LotR. I can’t wait for the next chapter! 💗

Author Reply: Thank you! Hearing that news is so heartening. I have posted the next chapter and am now working on the one after that. Think good thoughts that the words will continue to flow...

KathyGReviewed Chapter: 111 on 11/14/2023
Oh, boy! The time is coming when poor Bill will have to leave the Company and somehow survive the trip to Bree, where he'll eventually be reunited with Sam. How will Bill survive, I wonder?

Author Reply: The Muse has some surprises up her sleeve, and no mistake! I'm sure Gandalf's 'words of guard and guiding' will be a great help.

Thank you so much for stopping to leave a good word. Blessings to you and DF. I keep beaming get-well wishes in her direction...

demeter dReviewed Chapter: 111 on 11/13/2023
Yeah! Still carrying on. I was excited to see the note you gave the other reviewer that you have the story outlined up to the Gray Havens and back home. I suspect that for Frodo, teaching cousins how to swim to help "drown-proof" them may be his way of gaining control over the river that took his parents. You draw closer to the time when our couragous Bill will be on his own, with only Gandalf's blessing for comfort. I will still be following.

Author Reply: My writing pace is about as slow as a hobbit plodding up Caradhras in the teeth of a blizzard, but I keep plugging away. While I'm dreading Bill's separation from the Company, I'm also rather delighted with some of the turns the story will take. (Crossing fingers that the writing will continue to flow.) Thanks so much for stopping to leave your thoughts! I appreciate your vote of confidence.

SueReviewed Chapter: 111 on 11/10/2023
AT LAST: My Bill is back. I know we are close to saying goodbye (unless he continues into the wild while his friends go underground as I hope). I enjoy this tale so much, thank you so much for not abandoning it and us.

Author Reply: (Your review appears to have posted itself twice, so I'm adding a p.s. here that I forgot when I hit "Submit Reply" in my previous reply.)

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts!


Author Reply: p.p.s. The story is outlined all the way to the Grey Havens and back (at least in an Epilogue), so I'm hopeful it will take full form in the coming days.

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